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Last Baby cant help but feel sad Rss

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone else felt like this.
We had our 3rd and last bub 4 months ago and I cant help but feel sad that my childbearing years are over.
My hubby definetly doesnt want anymore and I have my hands full. I just feels like everything has involved the excitement of getting pregnant and having a new precious bundle over the last 5 years and now that part of our lives is over. I have 3 Beautiful boys, but sad that I will never have a daughter and that mother daughter relationship that I had with my mum. My labours all ended in ceasareans (for the convenience of the doctors grrr not me) so im sad that I will never get to experience natural birth too.
I am very happy with my little family and so fortunate that my children are all healthy, just feels hard to let go.
Anyone else feel the same?
I feel the same as you.
I would love to have another baby but DH isn't so sure.
I tell myself that a third boy would be wonderful but know deep down that I would love a girl so that I have the mother/daughter relationship that I have with my mum.
I've also had 2 caesars and the third would be the same.
You can't help these feelings.

My second pregnancy was a surprise and I didn't enjoy being pregnant because I was so ill. So I felt bad about that too. I can't get used to the idea that I won't be pregnant again and have another bub and even if I do have a third I will probably feel the same as you do now.
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