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How long did you stay in hospital??? Rss

Hi everyone, I'm wondering how long you stayed in hospital. I had a c-section with dd1 and stayed for 6 nights in a wonderful private hospital. Had my own room with a lovely view so made the most of it.

I'm due in 12 weeks with 2nd Baby but this time going public and will have to share a room (hospital only has shared rooms).

It should be a natural birth and i'm thinking about coming home straight away as I don't think I will get much rest sharing a room. However will have a 2 year old at home.

How long did you stay in hospital?


Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

I had a c-section with DS in a public hospital with my own room. I had him @ 7:11pm on a Monday and was out on Thursday morning.

had my 1sy bubs 4 weeks ago and i stayed in for 10hours...

DS#1 was 5 weeks early, he stayed in for 10 days, I was kicked out after 42hours

DS#2 went home next day

DS#3, born 4:43am, was home for dinner that night

DD born at 1:50am, was home for breakfast

all vaginal births, no stitches,
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i had my bub in a public hospital with a shared room, it was not exactly the best as the other 2 mums and bubs constantly had visitors and 1 crying baby = all the babies crying at the same time.

i went into hospital on a thursday, was induced 3 times!! bub was born via c/s on a sunday at 7:32pm and we left hospital on the wednesday morning. i was lucky because the town i live in does not deliver babies, so i had to travel 2 hours to get home, so they let us out early because the hospital at home does home visits for c/s mums. so we had nurses come and visit every morning for 2 days.
I had a natural birth and was in hospital for 5 days as DS had to go into the special care nursery.
First bub- Stayed for exactly 3 days since her birth

Second bub-Left 12 hours after birth, i would have left earlier but his birth was at 11.59pm and it would be kind of strange to go home that late at night.

Both deliveries where drug-free and not complications ...exceptt for VERY sore nipples, baby blues and stitches with NO# 1

With DS, born Aug 2004: stayed in for 5days (emerg CS)

With DD, born 23rd Dec 08: stayed in for 44hrs (emerg CS- the day b4 planned CS)

im so glad to b at home in my nest smile
I stayed for 5 days after my emergency caesar. In a public shared room, too, 3 other beds plus me. Next time, if we don't have private health insurance already, we will be saving up to take it out, even if we then ditch it after bub is born - not just for the hospital stay factor, but for other aspects of how my labour and birth were handled by medical personnel.

If you have another young child, can I give you some advice?

When I was in hospital, for the first two days, the woman in the bed beside me had her 20-month old in visiting all day both days. Trouble was, her bub was born in the wee hours, and the 20-month old had been at the birth. The little girl then showed up with the father at 9am that morning, stayed all day, went home in the evening, and came back the same time the next morning, and stayed all day again. That little girl was so tired that she literally screamed all day both days - cried more than her baby brother did. They had to ask her father to take her out for a while so that they could do the hearing test on my DD. The screaming included all the way through the 2 hour quiet rest no visitors period in the middle of the day. What I could not figure out is why the grandparents (who came to visit during the day) could not have taken the poor child home for some sleep? It was so unfair for her to have been kept up so late for the birth, and then be expected to get up again early both mornings to spend the whole day at the hospital. A pretty traumatic introduction to having a sibling. And, it was pretty hellish for us who were in the same room. So for the sake of the other mums and babies on your ward, if your 2 year old is getting over-tired, have someone take them home to sleep!

i arrived at the hospital at 5am, DS2 was born at 6:48am, and i was home by 12pm. i stayed in the birth suit, didn't get moved to the ward at all, only had to stay 4 hours and wait for the doc to check bubs over.
with dd1 i stayed for 8 days, she had complications.
dd2(2 weekds old) i stayed in 22 hrs

With my first birth bub was born at 3:55 am, and I was stitched, had a shower, and went home. I think I was in there for about 2 - 3 hours after the birth, then home to bed!

Second time was a homebirth, so straight into bed for me smile

Another homebirth coming up in a month or so...

homebirthing mum to three boys!

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