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Birth cerificate, last name? Rss

Hi I live in NSW, I am not with the father of the child and wish the my little girl to have my last name. Does anyone know what steps I have to take for her to have my last name? Does it happen by default? Can he contest it? Thanks for your help smile
im not sure about where you live but in general you fill in the birth certificate with whatever names you want and it gets done.

i think though if you want to put the father on the birth cert then he has to sign it i think so he will see what you have put and maybe he wont want to sign it.

i would tell him as hes signing that you want her to have your name as she will be living with you and it will be easier if your household has the same name!

i was in NZ for my first and wasnt with the father and i just didnt put him on the birth cert( because he had to sign and it would of given him too many rights, i believe he would have tried to nic off with her) but got a paternity order instead so he still has to pay childsupport and for legalities etc.

hope this helps, you could try ringing the birth cert place in your state to see what they say about it.


Hey Mandy sorry i can't help with in relation to what happens in NSW i know that here in Brisbane it was as easy as writing on the form what we wanted his name to be and handing it it. Overall the mother has the final decision as she is the only one that HAS to sign the birth cert. good luck smile

Not sure in NSW, but Im in Vic and you can choose any name you want, and if you put the fathers name on the birth certificate then they also have to sign it which would mean he would have to agree on the name otherwise it wouldnt be processed by births deaths and marriages.
If you decide not to put the father on the birth certificate, you usually write that the fathers unknown and then only you will have to sign the form.

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