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How long until period returns? Lock Rss

With this bub I have been bottle feeding since birth, for personal reasons chose not to breast feed this time. She was born on 11 June, so just about hitting 3 weeks of age now.

Just a question regarding periods, how long until it's likely to be back considering I am not feeding?

I have a prescription for the pill to start, but not sure when to start that either, should I wait for the post-partum bleeding to finish and for my first period to happen first??

is currently in NZ

Hi Talo,

My doctor told me to wait until I get a period before I start my mini-pill. I had my DS 7 weeks ago and still don't have my periods. My best friend got hers back after 2 months but some of her friends didn't get them back for 2 years!!! I don't know if how you feed makes a difference or not though? Hope this hasn't confused you more xo

Hi Woosie, thanks for the reply smile

If you are breast feeding then you can usually expect to not get your period until you wean bubs off the breast.

I'll no doubt end up waiting until I get a period, I just want to know I am covered contraception wise once hubby and I ... you know... as I am looking forward to that again! Sorry if TMI!!

is currently in NZ

Hi Talo,

I too stopped breastfeeding when DS was about 3 days old. I stopped bleeding from birth, at about 4 weeks after i had DS then about 2 weeks later i got my period. It wasnt as bad as was i thought it would be either.
I would wait until your period comes back, and your GP should of told you that normally you should wait until your 2nd cycle to start the pill that way it gets back into synch IYKWIM

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