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Pregnancy and antidepressants Lock Rss

Hi, I have an 11 month old, and I have recently been put on antidepressants. My husband and I are really keen to start trying for baby number 2, but I'm worried that the medication may cross the womb and have an adverse affect on the bub. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone been pregnant whilst on antidepressants?
i wouldn't know but i would just ask the doctor who gave them to you sorry nt to be much help smile
Hi smile I think it depends on which anti depressant ur on. Ive been on lexapro for a year and a half and I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my dr has said they r fine to stay on. Check with ur doc to ease ur mind and if need be have them switch ur pills to a safer one.
Hope this helps and good luck ?

Make an appointment with your Dr before you start TTC and they will have the information on which ones are safe during pregnancy.
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