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Mental or Physical? Rss

I have pnd but haven't had anxiety much- easily fixed normally by telling myself whats real or not etc...

I am on AD's which should help anxiety too right?

I got an electric shock the other day and DH took me to ED just to make sure i was ok as i was in shock and a little anxious about it..

Well i thought i would just get sent home after getting checked out but they found a small indifference in a test so kept me in what felty like all day. they got me to make an appointment with a cardiologist and see my gp but i cant get in till next year. the doctor said it could have been a past problem that has just made the test change a little, it could be normal for me too though. he said also not to take on too strenous activities like running.

i have been trying to chill out but am really anxious about this test result and i think this is giving me symptoms which they said to look out for but i may just being really paranoid and it is also making me feel sick in my stomach.

i dont want to tell anyone (especially dh) as he will probably tell me to go back there which is a bit overkill and embarrassing, also prob make symptoms worse.

I can feel and hear my heart beating and it sort of throbs making me slightly breathless and sick to my stomach but all this could just be anxiety. my reasoning for when i think i need to take the kids there is usally what can they do there that i wont be able to do here myself but i just cant get my head around it, i have tried distracting myself, talking to friends but the feeling is still there.

i will try to go to sleep but will prob end up tossing and turning like last night just worrying, i wish i couldturn off my brain sometimes.

maybe all this is just stemmig from anxiety and i should tell my gp about it anyway if it is making my heart play up. i cant even properly think straight


Well even the doctor thinks it it just mental obviously by prescribing me lorazepam(for anxiety) and pantaprozole (for stomach upset)..

I just took one but it saiys can have up to 3 3x a day but i have to go out so i dont want to take it all if it knocks me about.

I had them around and other than feeling sleepy (which i usually do in the afternoons) i still have the other symptoms.

have talked to DH. bit of weight off my shoulders there and tried to see my councellor but she wont see me until Feb or march next year so i wont even bother, that is not helping me now.

I hate this feeling.


I have been and am meant to be on Lorazepam.

Ive always been told im not to be on it for more than one month at a time though because it is highly addictive. They give it to me for insomnia and anxiety. 1mg has no effect on me, 2mg floors me, 1.5mg used to be just enough. I took the 1.5mg the other night though and it had no effect so i havent bothered taking it again.

Im wondering why they put you on pantoprezole. Thats a heavy duty antacid. I have been on it IV for severe reflux and am now on omeprazole orally which is the same thing as pantoprezole. Your feeling sick, along with everything else you described sounds like anxiety so i dont know why they would put you on pantoprezole.

I think i would be getting a second opinion. It sounds mostly anxiety based to me, because you sound like how i get when i am highly anxious (though i do have severe reflux so that is why im on omeprezole). I think sometimes drs fob you off a bit and think its a quick fix to slip you some meds. Which is all good, but you need to be on the right meds.

How do YOU feel about all this?

hey thanks for reading and writing back to me.

I have read about it being highly addictive and at times i think how silly it is that i need medication to calm me down! i suppose that is just the pnd.

I had been ok without sat and sunday but tonightwas quite bothered. I was happy the minute dh got home form work to recue me, i didnt even have too bad of a day today, we have playgroup in the afternoon on mondays which is easier than staying at home. just talking to him about some things help, we went to M&FIL foro tea which was either a distraction or relaxing but just driving home i feel like going insane! I have to hold back, DD was just playing but DS was tired and hungry sinse then i have felt so tense- (all in my chest)and grinding my teeth grrrr... so have taken the tablets again.

2 tabs makes me drowsy so wouldnt be able to take them suring day time anyway

I feel like the doc has done the right thing. whose to say it is all in my head- i might have given myself an ulcer (pain in stomach and making me feel sick)

The tablets dont stop me worrying but do help me sleep. more sleep has helped me think straigh during the daytime.

I can see my gp mid Jan, after the cardiologist so will be off the meds by then, i can deal with that.

Agai thanks for caring.



You describe alot of me and how i think/feel to a tee.

Its sometimes releiving to find someone who is in a similar headspace.

Im happy to keep talking to you if you would like to. Either here or by pm.

I hope you are going ok at the moment.

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