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Alex Jayden Lisboa Rss

I know this birth announement is like 2 months delay but I gave birth to my gorgeous baby boy Alex on the 18th of June (he came 2 weeks and 2 days early 3am in the morning) but he is totally adorable. I expected him to be werid looking and wrinkly (like most Newborn babies i've seen eg my baby brother and in the tv), but he was just so cute and adorable. The moment i held him in my arms i knew he will change my life forever and there is nothing in the world i wouldnt do for him. Labour was an nightmare I didnt know contractions were suppose to be PAINFUL it was so painful i feel like dying and never thought i woud get through it, i thought the painful bit was when your down below gets ripped apart so i didnt want to use any pain relief till then. But i was so wrong the push and tearing did not hurt. I should have went to antenatal classes.

But i was totally suffering from postnatal depression for a period of knowing my life will never be the same and as being a mum at 19 theres is alot that i have to give up which made me feel trap and depress and every time i look in the mirror i see this huge belly that looks like i am still 6 months pregnant and my body with stretch marks every part of the body imaginable it just made me more sad and when he cries i didnt know why made me blame myself for being a bad mum. Not getting any sleep at all isnt much help i get so frustrated i constantly argue with my partner. But now two months on i learned to cop with the fact that i am longer a size 10 and the change in life is for the better.

Hi congradulations on the birth of your bub. I had my first at 18 and went threw a similar sort of thing. You will one day get your body back but you have just been given a huge gift. Enjoy your bub.
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