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no regrets Rss

i am 17 and when i found out i was pregnant i was so scared i thought i would never be able to get though it but one look at my little boy at 1:12pm on thursday the 21 of june this year i knew he was going to be the best thing that happened to me. he helped me grow up and stop acting like a stupid teenager who thuoght nothing would ever happen to me. thank you my little boy Jayden xoxoxo


Congrats!! I know exactly what you mean. I just turned 19 when i found out i was pregnant it was scary and my whole life changed. and as soon as i found out i was pregnant i knew he was going to my first priority in life. I was thinking of naming him Jayden but instead that is his middle name as it was my boyfriends middle name.

Congrats Candy, My little sister had a baby at 16 and was 7 weeks early. Her boyfriend and her said they have decided to adopt him out(only casuse they were scared).But thank god 10months on they have there little boy and love him to pieces! goodluck with Jayden
Hi Candy.

I've just come across your post now and just want to say how sweet it is what you wrote. I had just turned 19 when I had my daughter. it was the scariest thing I felt too, just like you. I had a lot of people tell me I was going to ruin my life and that I should have an abortion, but I told them all to get s****ed !!!. well that beautiful daughter of mine who I called Jesikah is now nearly 19 and I am 37, and she is MY BEST FRIEND !!!!!! We are so close it's amazing. We have girly days where we go shopping and try on heaps of clothes and make up, then have days where we head off to the local rsl for lunch and a little flutter on the pokies!! I've even been night clubbing with her !!! I would never change it for the world. I just love her so much. Her father didn't stick around (no suprise) so I raised her on my own with my wonderful family supporting me every step of the way. I have since married, and given Jesikah the wonderful joy of having her be there with me (and my hubby) when her beautiful brother Brayden was born In July 2006. I am also now pregnant again with another brother for her (Logan) due september 12th, and this time she will cut his cord. I include her in everything and my husband loves her as if she was his own. So, when times get tough, which I'm sure they will, think of the future and remember that they will not always be that hard sweety. I hope you and your wonderful son have a close bond like I do with Jesikah when you're my age. good luck sweetie xx

3 gorgeous children to love forever

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