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Worried for my sister Rss

Hard to suggest if it's genetic. Either way, given her problem it wouldn't be too bad to suggest IVF. I would still prefer that she gets a professional opinion. Fertility clinics have made life so easy! Good luck to your sister. I really hope things work out for her. I'll make sure to pray for her.
Congratulations, Natasha! April is really close. This is amazing news. I'm really happy for you. IUI does increase in fertility with every cycle. I'm so glad you did not give up! It would've been really difficult. Anyone else would've probably given up. I don't think I would've pulled through, haha. I hope you get to experience a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully, things will run smoothly for you. Of course, and, thank you for kind words. The good thing is, I've managed to convince her, too. She's looking forward to the procedure. Hopefully, she finds success, too! Baby dust.
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