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Worried for my sister Rss

This thread has such good replies. Lovely post, Monika, thank you for this. You're doing the right thing by spreading this information. You're right, it's important to switch things around and look for alternate options. We need to make sure a second opinion is always on the cards. Keep up the good work! You're helping so many women.
Thank you so much, @C_Lains. This was really nice of you. It's such a supportive comment. You're right, miscarriages can be really difficult to absorb. My husband's constant support got me through that. I know, that's why I've been by her side. I really thought it would be the best decision to go for IVF. She was convinced, too. However, we're doing exactly what you've suggested. I've got her an appointment with a fertility clinic. It's the same one where I went. They're really good at what they do. Fingers crossed, things get better for her now. She has her check-up tomorrow. We're really excited and nervous!
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