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Hey Vicky I hope you re doing good. Thank you for such an inspiring short story. These stories really do help women like me to keep moving ahead. When I was TTC for soo many years and nothing was working out I did lose the hope. However, my DH and I then decided to visit the doctor. They did help us out by prescribing the medication. However, the medicines didn't work out and I had to soon visit a specialist. This was a dark phase of my life as I was really was trying everything out at this point. The specialist told me that I was facing some serious complications due to which conceiving naturally wasn't possible. They told me I had a poor ovarian reserve and I was also not ovulating. At this stage, I knew I have reached the last stage and the option that was available to us which was surrogacy. So far everything has been going really good as the clinic is doing really good. They never make me worried or make me feel anxious as they ensure that everything is going smoothly. I am hoping that the end result is that I am holding my baby in my hand. I am really excited about this journey hoping for the best.
hello. aww, hun. don't stress out. I really hope you get to be a mom soon. love you. take care of your health. hope you get successful. my sister is under surrogacy. after having a lot of issues. so I can understand what you feel like. best of luck.a
hello. aww, hun. don't stress out. I really hope you get to be a mom soon. love you. take care of your health. hope you get successful. my sister is under surrogacy. after having a lot of issues. so I can understand what you feel like. best of luck.
Hi!Hope you are doing well.Happy to know that you are finally a mother.It is a great time for a woman.Being a mother I can understand your happiness after getting a baby.I was also suffering from infertility for 8n years.Then I and my husband decided to take a step.We moved toward surrogacy.It was really hard to decide about this.But hope for getting a baby let me allow to decide.I went through it.It was just like a blessing for me.I got a son through it.One thing it learned that you should never lose hope.Always fight for best.God bless you.
hey! you are doing a great job.
even I would love to look up to all stories and take some inspiration.
often I got the thoughts like if I am the only one who is getting through so many hurdles of life.
but every time I read comments or threads this makes me feel that there are so many individuals who get to see all this.
This is our journey and no doubt God has its own plans. and we have to accept this.
but the only thing that matters at the end is strength and hope that you never got to lose on the whole journey you live.
I have observed so many individuals who are looking for either IVF or surrogacy just in a hope that one day they would be able to conceive.
BTW how you had your baby? I would even love to hear up your story.
I second that thought. TTC is a bumpy ride. You never know what hurdle will come next. You just have to be careful. You have to accept every hurdle positively and try to solve it. Otherwise, you won't be able to survive the journey. Patience is the key. I have been through this too. It was a tough time. I felt so lost. I believe the more hardship you suffer the sweeter the end result tastes. I was so overwhelmed when I finally got pregnant. It felt so unreal. I was in denial for quite a time. I am glad the bad phase passed and IVF happened to me. It really changed my life.
hey there. this is the really amazing platform. where people share their stories of every type. the people get success to start their families, become the motivation for others. and the people suffering from the infertility issues get ideas to recover their problems. we really need to appreciate these forums. and you guys are also becoming the hope for hopeless people. keep sharing these type of threads.
VickyyK wrote:
Hey all! I want more people to share their experiences with TTC. I always am inspired by the difficulties people have faced. It gives a lot of hope. My own journey hasn't been so smooth. However, I got my little girl at the end finally so I'm happy. You all can get through it too! Please share your stories.

WOW! That's really a relief! I'm glad to hear it. Congrats! Well, yes! I'm also having an IVF later this year at a repro center in Ukraine. My journey is around 6 years long. But, still, have not obtained any results. But, I'm still strong enough now that one day I'll have the privilege of becoming a mother. I've PCOS which makes me unable to have a child. I hope that one day I'll be sharing my good news here. Stay blessed you all. I hope it goes great with you. xx
Hi girl. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. Perhaps you could share some more details. But I'm glad your problems are finally solved. Congratulations on having your baby girl. I'd like to know more about your journey. You will definitely inspire people here. Thanks.
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