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Second baby thoughts Rss

Hello everyone. I see so many birth announcement posts and it warms my heart. I wish I could make another one soon too. I wanted some advice. I previously got my child through surrogacy. My complications were a removed uterus. Thus, I'm not able to conceive myself. I know, it's saddening. However, my life has totally changed for the better thanks to surrogacy. I'm so glad I got to know about it. Anyway. DH and I want another child. Our only option is surrogacy. Do you think we should go for it? Or is it just an added expense? Growing up, I always wanted to have 2 or 3 kids. I don't want to give that up. But maybe I'll have to. What do you suggest? TIA.
Hello @VickyyK, you have posted your query at the right place. You have total rights to wish for a child. as you have benefited yourself before through surrogacy, I hope this will work for you this time too. those who have two are more than two children can be called as a complete family. Can you please share your past experience dear? I think that could be helpful for us in deciding what should you opt. best of luck!
I know, the baby hunger is real. However, I am so happy for you that the surrogacy was a success at the time of the first baby. But deciding for the second is totally up to you. If you have frozen embryos than you must not worry about the age and other factors. However, if you feel that you are ready to take up the responsibility then you can go ahead. Moreover, keeping the expenses in consideration. And If you are financially stable for pursuing it, then waste no time. Lots of baby dust.
Hi Dear! Congrats! That's really something good to hear. Well, yeah! I heard it before. I know that's a tough situation. So, yeah! Now, I think yes! Another child would be a good idea. You're spending your amount rightly! That's how it goes! Last year my cousin sister also had a baby through surrogacy. She went to Ukraine for it. It cost her a lot! But, it was worth it! So, yeah! Anyway! Wish you all the best. xx
Hi. I was having same thoughts too. But I have been caught up with my friend recently. She was having her IVF transfers. I was really trying to be there with her this whole time. I thought of pausing my own situation for a while. But hey you should definitely go for it. I have a son too. I had him through surrogacy, too. My husband and I are unable to conceive naturally so we went for surrogacy. Luckily I found this amazing clinic that's so affordable. Even I could afford it. And now I'm thinking to do it again. You should consider this for yourself too. It really is a great clinic. Good luck.
Hey there. You should never give up on your dreams. Remeber this. If you think you are capable. Go for it. I wish you good luck. We all hope to hear good news soon. Take care.
hello dear. how are you? you can surely go for another one. children are a blessing. and if you and your partner are willing, then why not? hope it goes well for. ill pray hun. take care. bye.
So sad to hear that you can’t conceive naturally. It's really hard for a woman to accept this bitter truth. Infertility is the worst ever thing for a woman. But nowadays infertile couples can have the babies too. Surrogacy and IVF are the processes which have given hope to people. Indeed these processes are the great blessing. We should spread this thing around us. We should tell it to those who don’t know about it. So that they can avail. You should surely go for it. You have that resource, you should definitely avail it. Because alone child gets bored. He/she need the mate to whom he can play. So you should really go for it. Best wishes for you and your child!
Hey, I hope you're doing well. We all have dreamt about certain things that we really want to achieve. However, life has its own plans as well. I am glad you were finally able to become a mother. I am sure the journey must have been an exciting one for you. If you think you have the financial means than opting for the procedure again is not a bad idea. Just make sure that your children's future would be safe and secure. It is important you think about everything. Be practical and think about it. The procedure is definitely going to be successful because it has a high success rate. However, just think about the future. If you think the future will be secure than go for it! You have already experienced it one time so you'll have the exact idea of what to do. Things will also go much more smoothly and I think you will enjoy it, even more, this time. Best of luck.
Hello there! How are you? I hope that you are doing great. Having a child is such a happy dream. We girls start thinking about it very early in our lives. May be even when we don't even know where babies come from. And to have that hope crushed later on is devastating. I hope nobody had to go through it ever. But life happens. Anyways. I am happy that you found a way for you. Surrogacy is such a blessing for people like us. Congratulations on your first child. The choice of a second chils depends upon your financial status. If you can afford a second surrogacy, go for it. Let nothing come in way of your dreams. Good luck. Baby dust your way.
Hello, VickyyK! How are you? I am sorry to know about you. but glad that surrogacy worked for you. We also had ur surrogacy. And now we have our own baby.
I am a bit confused after reading your post Is it only because you see big announcements? Or you really want to have another baby? Don't mind me. I am just asking because I wanted to clear it out.
If you want to go for surrogacy, it is a good option. And as you have said it is the only option. There are many clinics who offer quite reasonable packages. You need to find a good one. The place I visited was so comforting and affordable. I hope you will find a good one soon.
I am so sorry for you. Sometimes it is the last option for a woman. I wanted to share my story. I have faced 10 years of infertility. I was so devastated. I thought that I cannot be a mother again. I came to think about surrogacy. Like many others, it was my last option. I decided to go for it only when I will find an affordable clinic. Then I came to know about a clinic in Europe. I went there for surrogacy. I have a baby now. I have decided to go for another baby soon. I think you should also choose it. Indeed it is a great blessing for couples.
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