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My little princess is here Rss

Well done hun! Don't worry about her daddy, you're a great mum smile
Congratulaions smile
Oh congratulations!

I hope you all settle in nicely together smile
Congrats!! thats wonderful. glad to hear everything is going well .

Congratulations, 3 hours, that's awesome!

A suggestion I have to try make your son adjust, is while you have your mum there, spend as much one on one time with him as you can, tell him how much you love him (which I'm sure you do anyway), and that your so happy to have such a big boy in your life (or something along those lines).

It must be such a hard time for you all, thinking of you. xx
Congratulations on the birth of your little princess smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

congrates on the birth!!! cant wait to hear the name and see the pic and i agree with Athaye about spending as much one on one time with your ds as possible and try to get him involved with nappy chages and bath times etc..... maybe you can also try to get him to sing to bub also.

Only just saw this. Congratulations! GBH xxx

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Congratulations smile

How did I miss this! Congrats hun xx
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