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Thomas is here :) Lock Rss

You may have seen my ticker by now, but Thomas Henry was born on 16 August by emergency c-section. He weighed a large 4.58kg (10lb) and 56cm long. I went in for an induction at 7am, they broke my waters at 8am and I started contractions. Within an hour or so baby became bradycardic, the doctors raced in and put me on oxygen and turned me quickly on my side. Given his size, my previous emergency c-section and how early in the labour his heart rate went down, decision was made for c-section and he was born at 11am. He's a gorgeous bub and we are home taking it as easy as is possible with a 2 year old! smile

Congratulations on your big baby boy, what a cute name as well grin

Congrats hun grin a huge baby boy! Love the name hehe x

Congratulations! Enjoy those newborn snuggles!

Congratulations smile
Congratulations on the safe arrival of Thomas. What a big boy he his. Hope you are both doing well. smile

Congratulations! My DS1 is a Thomas, born via emergency C-section after induction, and weighed 9lb, 13oz . Very similar smile

Congratulations smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Congratulations on your big boys safe arrival. Welcome to the world Thomas

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