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Our baby has arrived..... Lock Rss

And It's a BOY!!!! wub

Our little Harvey John was born 13th October on his due date.

Started with 32 hours of early labour, having very weak contractions, regularly, stopping overnight.
woke at 4.01am to very strong contractions, went from 17 mins apart to 8 mins in first hour. Progressed very quickly, got to hospital at 6.45am, feeling like I needed to push whilst sitting on the toilet, I sent Dh out to find a midwife, as mine had not arrived yet, Dh and midwife came back into bathroom to find me holding bubs head!! Still sitting on toilet. Harvey was born next contraction head and arm first. Born at 6.53am, 8 mins after arrival to hospital. Just under 3 hours extablised labour.

All in all, an odd experience, but so so so great to actually have a little BOY!! We are totally thrilled, and his big sisters adore him.

Harvey John wub

8lb, 51cm and beautiful smile xox

congradulations smile sounds like a quick birth
congratulations to you all wub
make the most of all those precious moments.

All that worry over a girls name for nothing hey?
Great news and biggest congrats....yes all that name worries for nothing ah!

Welcome to the world Harvey
Congrats on your precious litte man! Hope you are both doing well.

Congratulations!! Welcome Harvey - great name! smile

A big congratulations to you on the safe arrival of your little boy! I love the name too smile

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! A beautiful boy-how lucky! True that it's an odd birth- but it'll be a great story to tell your little man when he gets older smile Hope you are both doing well, and again CONGRATS!
Naw Congratulations!! and what an awesome birth story to remember!! hehe He will love to hear at his 21st how his birth began in the toilet!! :oP
Congratulations smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Oh how did I miss this!? Huge congrats on ur lil man Harvey! wub
Awesome name & so happy for u that u got your lil blue bundle! grin
All the best & hope everything's going fab for u all! smile

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