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looking for songs... Rss

i am looking for a copy of a couple songs, that my boys love but i cannot find them.

singing in the rain, but the version that has arms out, thumbs up, elbows together, knees together, tongue out, etc

and how much further, which goes like this. we jumped in the car, put on our seatbelts, click clack, and we all said how much further. and dad said nearly there.

any help would be great.
I know a song that has words/actions - thumbs up, elbows back, feet apart, bottoms up, tongue out - but it's not singing in the rain, it's called "a tooty ta"
Play school website search How Much Further
If you want any song then you can search on google.
This one maybe?
Indeed, now any song can be found online.
Indeed, Shazam can find any song on the internet.
Find out this type of song on internet. All songs are available on internet.
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