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  5. I finally had my gall bladder out!!! A few questions now though!

I finally had my gall bladder out!!! A few questions now though! Lock Rss

I got it out on Tuesday and it was through laprascopic. I feel great. I didn't feel so great for the first few days after but now I don't need any pain relief smile

As for the questions, Well i have heard you can either lose weight fast or gain weight fast. I am a little worried about gaining weight. Did it happen to you?? Or someone you know?

Also, has anyone had any pains or complications similar to before getting their gall bladder out, but afterwards?

Thanks smile

I had my gall bladder out 12 months ago, but I am hesitant to discuss weight gain - as 3 months after I had it out, I was pregnant.... I hadn't found that it was causing weight problems before pregnancy though. I havent heard of other people gaining or losing weight as a result of having gall bladder removed.

You may find some things will not agree with you now, and may give you the runs - for me, it is ice-cream, chocolate... for another woman I know -it is white bread.

Other than that, once all healed you should go on to have a fairly normal healthy life, minus those dreaded gallstone attacks!

Hope all continues to go well for you
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