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Subject: 18mth old has to have orthotics....... Lock Rss

Hi, i found out last week that my 18mth DD has to have orthotics, when she walks her feet roll in and the left side is the worse when she walks her ankle almost touches the ground, the peads piodrisit (sp?) was very surprised she is walking she said normally children dont start walking til around 18mths with this problem she has walked since she was 12mths, when the orthotics arrive she will have to wear shoes every waking moment and will need to for the rest of her life, she has lost soft tissue in her feet and muscle tone aswell her hips are out of allignment aswell. And she mentioned physio. Has anyone else had this problem with their child?? Did physio help and how are they now?
Any advice would be great.

Hi Sam,

My DD2 had a similar problem, she was diagnosed with metatarsus adductus at about 6 months of age. Her feet rolled inwards really badly, the bones in her feet look curved. We had to take her to an orthopeadic surgeon and on her first visit we were told she would need 6 weeks of serial casting (where the ankle and foot are cast in a more correct position, then removed after a week andrecast, gradually straigtening the foot out) then surgery after that!

Any way she only ended up having the casts for 3 weeks, NO surgery, and she wore orthotic boots to bed each night for about 6 months....these held her feet 'turned out'. Her feet are fine now, no sign that there was anything wrong in the first place! I think they tend to give you a worse case scenario as well, that was certainly the case for us anyway! Physio sounds like a great idea to help with the loss of muscle tone, it can work wonders!

Good luck, I hope it all works out for you:)

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