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About This Forum Lock

Hi guys, We have started up this forum where our members can come and chat about their own heal...

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Buy online vidalista 60mg | cheap price at Myedstore Lock

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Vidalista 60. Blood vessel muscles are relaxed and blood fl...

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riva adreson

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction using Vidalista 40 mg pills? | Ed Generic Store Lock

Vidalista 40 mg pills are used for Erections or impotence treatment in men. Erectile dysfunction...

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For what motive did Cenforce call the end of the week pill? Lock

Cenforce is perhaps the most commonly prescribed treatment for erectile dysfunction. Unlike other...

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Vilitra 20 Mg Lock Vilitra is the best medication for men's er...

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Vilitra 20 mg tablets have Vardenafil as its active ingredient that works by dilating the blood vessels. It directs the blood flow t...


Vidalista Professional Lock

Buy Vidalista Professional (Tadalafil) used to treat impotence for men just start $0.75/Pill. Che...

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Cenforce 25 mg Lock

buy Cenforce 25 mg tablet at the lowest price from publicpills is contain sildenafil citrate whic...

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Labedra | Vardenafil | Weekend pills Lock

Buy Labedra 20mg tablets online with an active component of Vardenafil that works to manage abili...

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Pap smear bleeding with yeast infection Lock

Ok... health anxiety plus here! I had my last Pap smear 6 years ago after I had my youngest daugh...

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Infections. Yeast infections, as well as STIs, can cause cervical bleeding after a Pap smear. These infections may make your cervix ...


Vidalista Black 80 Mg Lock

<a href=" Black 80 Mg</a> (Tadala...

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TADARISE 20 MG Lock TADARISE 20 MG Want to increase romance time???? ...

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mum of 3 boys 1 girl

Excema Experts!!! Lock

1. i've heard about using bleach to help with excema, What do you think about a cup full of water...

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Hi! I just got my hands on the f401 cream and it can only be purchased from Moreton and Coote Pharmacy in Toowoomba. $30 a tub they ...


Fildena 100 Lock

Buy fildena 100 online

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Eczema and Staph infection Lock

Hi all, my son is almost 4yrs old and has had manageable eczema since a few months old. It has o...

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Gallbladder problems?? Lock

I've had a pain like a stitch under my right ribs (like about where my liver is but it's around t...

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Top Five Signs You’re Having Gallbladder Problems 1. Pain 2. Nausea or Vomiting 3. Fever or Chills 4. Chronic diarrhea/Unusual stool...


Advantages of the IUDS Lock

Hello Ladies. I want to tell you some advantages of the IUDS. I hope it will help you all. 1. I...

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stages of the endometriosis Lock

Hello everybody. I would like to tell the stages of the endometriosis. I hope it will give inform...

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Steps of the preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Lock

Hello everybody. Here are the few steps of the preimplantation genetic diagnosis. it will give yo...

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Egg donation Lock

Hello Everybody. Today I want to share some knowledge regarding the egg donation. I will let you ...

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Advantages of the IUI. Lock

Hello Everybody. Today I will discuss about the advantages of the IUI. I hope it will help you a...

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Causes of the Women infertility Lock

Hello Friends. I want tell you the causes of the women infertility. I hope it will help you all. ...

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Lung cancer Lock

Hello Friends. Today I want to share some tips for the lung cancer treatment. I hope it will help...

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Tips for acne Lock

Hello everybody. Today I would like to share some tips for the acne free skin. 1. Slather on ...

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A bad month on the mini pill Lock

I've been taking the mini-pill for nearly 2 years since DS was born. I'd call myself a...

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RIGHT I want answersd this time UPDATED ***** AGAIN*** Lock

I am off to the DRs at 11am, I am booked into see a trusted family friend, I NEED answers for my ...

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I know how you feel, I have 2 children that suffer asthma and I been sitting in my 4yo room since 4:30am. She has a vaporizer on, Vi...


Why you should keep track of your health records Lock

Hey guys! I wrote this article on why it's so important to keep track of your health records...

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Prolapse Lock

Hi I have spent over 3 years searching for information to help with my own prolapse and now I hav...

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Psoriasis Lock

Hi Everyone just interested if anyone else out there suffers from this? How do you treat it? Mine...

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Love It! I researched the Dermalmd psoriasis serum before buying and knew I wanted to try it on a few target areas. They all had pos...


treatment for fallopian tube blockage Lock

We have been married for two years. we both are 30 years old. I found out both my fallopian tubes...

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Please help me I'm on the pill Lock

Hi I'm on the pill been on it for a months and two weeks I take it at night but recently I j...

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IUD Lock

My GP is putting in my IUD on friday, the script only cost me $5.20, how much might my GP charg...

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Cervical biopsy Lock

Hi all. Just wondering if any of you have had to have a biopsy on your cervix? I'm probab...

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My daugthers hair grows so slow HELP!!! Lock

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has or had the same problem I do, my daughter is 7years ol...

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Nothing works for hair growth so I believe. My hair grows sooooo slow! I thought cutting it also would help but it didn't do a ...


Stopping Depo Provera - Side effects?? Lock

Just curious for those that have been on the depo shot, when stopping what side effects did you e...

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HELP - 3 yr old battling against eczema for a year - steriod induced eczema? Lock

Apologize for the long post, but I feel that only by giving you the journey that we have been thr...

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I would try going completely dairy free - irrespective of the skin prick testing. There are loads of alternatives out there now. Can...


Constant pelvic pain Lock

Hi. I had a c section 4 months ago, which was followed by a large abscess in my uterus. 4 weeks...

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Tube removal/tied. Lock

Hi, Today i have been placed on the waiting list for the removal or clipping of tubes and remova...

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Chiropractor & Bedwetting Lock

Hello, Just wondering if anyone has taken their child to a chiropractor to help with Bedwetting ...

2 replies

Thanks for your advice!


Sudden Pelvic pain Lock

Last night for about an hour I had really painful pelvic area. It started in my bottom and sprea...

10 replies

Thanks for the replys. Ov pain sounds like a good possibility. Makes the most sense to me. I really hope it's a one off. 100 ...


Gallbladder Removal Surgery Lock

hi! i had my second baby 6 wks ago via c section. about 5 days ago i woke up early morning with e...

6 replies

My sister's gallbladder failed 6 months into her pregnancy. The doctors decided to wait til 6 weeks after she gave birth to re...