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I want to ask which detergent do you wash baby clothes ??
Yesterday I heard from a friend, I should only buy a special from the health store... So I wanted to know is that true?
it is generally better to wash without fabric softener and then with a liquid detergent (you can find some good ones here ), as residues of tabs or powder remain in the clothing.
Incidentally, I wouldn't do experiments with the young baby skin. Surely you should not pack your baby in cotton wool, but if your child has itchy, painful or open places on the body, then it does not help you much. If you can prevent skin problems, you should do it on time. When the baby gets older, then it will better deal with an allergic reaction than at this age.
Hey! Sophie is here! how are you all? i am fine , good and healthy. hope you will be.I'm sorry but please don't use any type of detergent. because this may be dangerous. Don't ask this type of issue at any site. beware for your child, because where all the experienced staff will be so there will be some unexperienced person who suggestion could be wrong. i suggest you to contact some special clinic. who will guide you carefully . you should searched the clinic that tells you any types of things. Do not compromise in favor of your child. i also contact with the best clinic for my child. i do not compromise with respect to my child. hope you will understand my talk. thank to read my comments. blessed you.
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