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Mission to lose baby weight Rss

Tomorrow I begin my mission to get the baby weight off.

I had seriously convinced myself whilst pregnant that I would be one of those women for whom breast feeding would magically melt the fat away, it hasn't!

Not sure why I would think that, never in my life have I found loosing weight easy, in my early 20's I was very overweight and through serious dedication and hard work I lost over 30kgs in 18months, the thought of doing it all over again is pretty overwhelming and has had me in tears a lot over the last couple of weeks, so although it will be a tough and long journey the sooner I start, the sooner I will feel better about myself and the sooner my focus can be where it should be on my darling daughter (rather than the size of my stomach/thighs and how we can't go anywhere as I have no clothes that fit).

I am a weight watchers lifetimer but as I am a long way past goal and we are on the bones of our bum at the moment I will be doing it on my own without the meetings for support, I have also had to give up my gym membership so exercise will be home based.

Starting this topic mainly to have somewhere to feel accountable and track my journey and maybe even find some others to join in and we can loose weight together smile
NZnewmum: good on you for coming in and making yourself accountable!! I have been in a constant fight with my weight for years, and since my heaviest of 117kgs (in 2010) I have lost 24kgs and I'm now 93kgs. I NEVER tell people that! I'm proud, but I still have so far to go. No one comments or seems to notice my weightloss, but maybe because they pick up on my embarrassment (considering it was only 6 years ago that I was 70kgs- which is just right for my height IMO).

I'm here for support! I say we should be accountability buddies. A daily check in, totally honest of course!!

I do my own workout at home/ park because of money issues, so that helps that we seem to be on the same page there!!
Exciting leelee that sounds awesome!

Not sure what I am at the moment, will weigh in first thing tomorrow. My biggest pre DD was 103.5kg and I got down to 70kg on the dot, could not budge below it no matter how strictly I ate and how many hours of exercise I did, on reflection I looked amazing at that weight but didn't realise it at the time because all I could think about was reaching the 60s and not achieving that led to me getting despondent and over time I gained back some of my loss being 76.8kg when I got pregnant, I got to 104.6kg at 36 weeks and promptly stopped weighing, think I am about 96kg at the moment so 20.5kgs to get back to ww lifetime goal and then I would ideally like to be back to 70kg.

It's so hard when people don't comment on weight loss it's disheartening to put in all the hard work and not get any positive reinforcement sad you should be so proud 24kgs is an incredible amount to loose and takes a lot of work, I think people who haven't had to loose large amounts of weight really struggle to understand what it's like and as such don't acknowledge it.
I'm really excited!! We can do this together smile smile
You sound so similar to me!!! The best part about limited funds means no money for takeaways and rubbish!

70kg was perfect for me.. I still had boobs and a figure without all the bulging (and I also thought I was too big at that weight- what were we thinking haha)

I'm a really positive person and I love to make people feel good about themselves, so I'm forever complimenting people on their weightloss, so you'd think those people would take a moment to notice my hard work too lol oh well, I don't compliment for that reason, but the day I do get one I'll know I've earned it!!!
Oooo I really need to join this thread i really need to lose weight to. I also did weight watchers a few years back and lost 30 kilos. But through some serious health issues and many surgeries i am now at my heaviest about 103. I thought that with all the running around after my little one my weight would melt off this is also not the case for me. I plan on weighing myself in the morning and also do some measurements because i remember like rosie said sometimes i felt like the weight wasn't making any difference but was great to see the cms disappearing. Would be great to have some support on here. I am also going to keep a food diary i know that helped me when i did weight watchers. Yay I'm all excited now.

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Wow Rosie mumma that's awesome, good work! Congrats, I bet you feel amazing.

Will definitely take a horrid underwear photo tomorrow gasp (don't worry I won't share it, well maybe I will share a before and after once I am done) I will also get some measurements, because as much as the weight is a goal it really is more about size at the end of the day and feeling good in my own skin.

I have used my fitness pal in the past and found it good, especially being able to scan bar codes that was awesome.

My sister has found some exercise programmes on Pinterest which we are going to give a go and I will also do some weights and walking and once I am a bit fitter hopefully start running again, running is something that I can see results with super fast but just have to build up to it.

Wow starting to get so excited about this now rather than loathing it, thanks ladies x
Yay buggie mama welcome to the group smile
Yay buggiemama!

Team support- I like it a lot!!!!

I do interval training too- tabata and the like. I have a few apps which are brilliant smile

I am definitely going to be following this thread grin
Can I join you ladies on this journey? I am only new on here but I came on here looking for some weight loss tips or ideas, because I am tired of being fat. I am currently 100kg. Ideally it would like to get down to 65, because I am short, but 70 would be great. I struggle with binge eating and not very active, so that is something I seriously have to work on. Hopefully it will be a bit easier with some support smile

Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling.. It is not something to do when you can squeeze the time in.
It is what God gave you TIME for..

Welcome to the team trying2bgoodmum smile
Week 1. Day 1.
So the journey begins....

Weighed in this morning at 94.5kgs quite happy about that as thought I was 96 so a little win there.
First goal will be getting to the 80's and will revise from there.

Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and off for a walk soon followed by a coffee with my sister and some if her friends. Will take my measurements when back.

Excited to be on my way and to have you lovelies to share this with smile
Hmm day 1... I am prepared to join too.

I weighed myself this morning and discovered I have put on 500 grams overnight! Grr! I have been trying to lose my baby weight since giving up breast feeding 2 months ago... So far 5 kgs gone, but gained 500 grams since yesterday.

Ok girls... We can do this! I have a wedding dress to fit by 12 April, ours sons first birthday. 8 weeks away!

I haven't got many pics taken of me with our son cos I am embarrassed about my weight... Time to change that!

Pre baby weight was 79kg
Full term pregnancy was 99kg
Post birth weight was 94kg (April to Dec 2013)

Weight this morning before breakfast 89.7kg (I am 173cm tall)
Goal is to be 74kg by Xmas ... and hopefully 80-82kg by our wedding day in April.

Right... Here we go! smile

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