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Why are we so obsessed Rss

I have been thinking about this lately...

Yes I don't fit into anything I really want, I generally don't like taking photos or what I see in th mirror


I love good food and wine and thoroughly enjoy myself when I am eating or drinking! but exclude myself when everyone else is enjoying it! I am fit enough to run around and play with the dog or DP, I have healthy beautiful skin, my teeth are super straight, my hair is shiny! I take pride in my appearance! My DP loves me regardless

Soooo why am I so set on losing weight just to fit in size 12 clothes???

Anyone feel the same??

Yes. Before I fell pregnant I was a perfect size for me, who cares what it was, and I now LONG to be back in those clothes. Because I felt good in them. And I don't care HOW long it takes, there is one pairof pants i simply REFUSE to get rid of cos they are my faves and they are getting all dusty and yucked fromhanging in the closet so long but I don't give a toss bahahahah!!!!!!!!!

Um, yes, I agree with you smile
I know.... I've just lost enough that I'm fitting into size 10 clothes - and guess what?? I was STILL not happy with myself!!! Do we expect that we are going to look like models after losing weight? lol

I've decided that I need to be concentrating on just being healthy. My dad is only 53, and looking at a pretty short life. He has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and just diagnosed with Diabetes. He has a VERY high family history of heart disease and most of the men have died of a heart attack. He is overweight and unfit, and eats whatever he wants which is crap food pretty much all day.

So for me... age 25 means that my aim to be healthy later in life starts now in preventing all those awful illnesses.

I would love to be able to grab shorts and a singlet out of the wardrobe, chuck them on and walk out the door like I could at 20. now I change 10times to find the outfit I look less frumpy in.

The other day I walked past awindow and saw my reflection and it wasn't too bad. Spurred on by my good mood I went clothes shopping, all that "not too bad" turned into disgust when trying things on sad just felt Blergh

I also LOVE food, not junk food but good food like cheeses and fresh pasta etc oh and wine LOVE wine

You are exactly right ladies

your HEALTH is mor important than looks ...

Thing is many (not all ) sz 6's are Actually compromising their health to look as they do ... It's definitely not all about size equalling happiness wink
know the feeling of weight gain lol before i fell pregnant with DD1 i was a size 12 and if i tried i could fit into a 10.. after DD1 went to 16 now im Pregnant with DD2 its 18+
i know im bigger but i am still happy..
i still have a few things in the closet i refuse to throw away in hopes of oneday fitting into them again lol..

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

I totally agree, I lost 17kg this year for my wedding and I still considered myself fat at 51kg. I'm starting to think that it's not how i look it's more of a mental thing from the past. I grew up from year 5 being chubby which I think really hurt me. i was thin during higschool but i think the mental scars of being teased in primary school that stuck with me

Yes all the time. I hate how my body looks as much as i am proud my body nurtured 2 children everywhere tv etc you see skinny people even clothes are so small. They say the average person is a size 12 yet those in the public eye people look up to are in size 6 and they are the minority. Clothes well they don't cater for big boobs i have to buy 16 just to cater my boobs. Im eating healthier now and took on a catalog job that involes alot of walking and i have lost 5 kg yay only 4kg until pre DS. Im feeling better about myself a little now.
must be a female thing. ive been exercising and eating healthily for the past few months and ive gone from 59-54.5kg (size 8) and im still not completely happy with the way i look. silly, i know. i have issues with my thighs, they are still quite big despite me being small sad oh well, i just try to think of how massive i was when i was pregnant grin that usually gets me through! sometimes it sucks being a woman! i dont know why we put so much pressure on ourselves.

I thought i would add that part of my body image problem is that i was anorexic in my early 20s and have a hard time dealing with any weight gain. even though i may not be anorexic by body size anymore, it hasn't completely left me mentally.

Like the pp i too had an eating disorder when I was 20. Smallest I ever got down to was 58kg (i'm 5'6) and had a size 10 waist. Had hugh boobs to go with it. I exercised like a maniac and only ate a little bit once a day. I'd check the scales every time I was home and I did something. It was not a healthy way to live. And I did this to myself all because some nasty girls picked on me at school when I was fat and then they picked on me worse when I lost 30kgs.

I popped a knee when I was 22 and couldn't exercise anymore and my weight exploded and at my heaviest I actually got close to 130kgs. I spent the next 5 years trying to loose that weight. I went from a size 22 / 24 down to a 14/16. When I got preg with DD1 I weighed in at about 80kg. I was happy, healthy and couldn't have given two tosses what anyone else thought. I also got rid of the scales... I still don't have any and refuse to get any.

I've put on some weight since having my kids and in all honesty I am not happy about it. I wish I was one of those women who loose weight whilst bf. I just seemed to stack it on no matter what i did! sad I don't feel healthy, even tho I eat healthy and watch my portions. It does effect my self confidence, but this will change.

Now I get to go on diet pills (due to a very back back) because I am limited to the exercise that I am allowed to do. I look forward to getting back to my pre-preg weight and fitting into my size 16 / 14 clothes again. I also know that I am never ever going to have small boobs, and I don't really care. I look forward to loosing my weight and feeling more confident again.

I think we need to take the pressure off ourselves and stop the ideas that thin is the only beautiful. I think we are all beautiful because we are all different.

Sorry for the rant, but people saying that they think they are fat when they weigh under 60kg really gets my goat! Perhaps they need a reality check! Just be happy within yourself and live your life to its potential.
My weight IS effecting my health and I hate it and have been in denial about it..... I suffer from a liver disorder which at times makes processing dairy and fat difficult, when I am a lot slimmer and not carrying as much extra weight I can tolerate a few no no foods but atm, I am constantly bloated and have shocking diahrea, so I KNOW I NEED to lose weight....

Since having kids I have come to terms with the fact I will not look how I did pre kids, but last I looked damn good!!! LOL I was going to the gym, eating well, etc and was back to a 10-12 and felt fabulous, my gut problems had improved and I lost my muffin top....

I have done some truly stupid things to lose weight and get down to a size 6 and will NEVER go back to that as I feel I have an example to set for my girls...

But we need to remember that even what you consider skinny on some, they are still not happy with their bodies, my sister is stunning (hope shes reading this tongue ) she has had 4 kids, the last 2 were twins, and her figure is amazing and I must admit when she complains about her muffin top I think where?? BUT we need to remember that even those sexy skinny mums have had changes to their bodies that they can't control either, and whilst from the outside looking in they look stunning they still want to change and not feel 'fat' like the rest of us
I have got a few of you ladies on my FB and I actually think that the issue must be a mental one - I don't mean that in a bad way, but because you are all simply stunning, and yet here you are. Tess you DO have gorgeous hair and skin and perfect teeth (bee-arch lol), Christy you have loevly skin and gorgeous dainty features, and Jess I don't think I have ever seen a more infectious happy smile, and beautiful eyes, I was seriously shocked when you posted your weight a few weeks back as I can't believe we weighed the same, you look so much better than I do. Moo*baa*laa*laa you are a super yummy mummy, pulling off the skinny jeans and looking awesome - if you feel frumpy then I would hate for you to see me in my current state!

I am doing the weight loss thing atm and have managed to lose 7.4kg in 6 weeks, but I'm doing it tough. However, yesterday I got a few compliments which have spurred me on when I was almost starting to lose motivation, I think it's the high we get when another woman says, wow you are looking great! That keeps you going, we all have a picture in our heads of how we'd love to look. For me, it will never happen, but I can only dream lol.
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