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waggu beef ?? Rss

this is not good for you is it ??

I am not a red meat eater so there is no danger of me eating it ....

but I have a friend who is a meat grader and he grades waggu beef so he getts it super super super cheap adn they eat it all the time ....he says that it is good fat cause it is on the inside of the meat .....but I say any animal fat is bad fat ...I was told that any fat that is solid when it is cold and liquid when hot is bad for you ..this is why olive oil is good for is always liquid !!

so ....can anyone help me win this bet ???
I cant help you - but stand still............... stand very still now Frankie.....

*takes aim with a choccy egg*



You think you FUNNY eh eh EH?

Well, you dont, but everyone else does. And i do too!!!

Well done on the win bwahahahah

I was one of a few named in the annoying thread, so hey at least thats somethinhuh?

I luuuuuuuurve Frankie, but my boobies are still bigger than yours lmao

yep your right the animal fat is the bad stuff, but in saying that mmmmmmmmm waggu steaks so,so worth it. i find however with the marbling through the meat it requires less oil to cook it in so it all levels out in the end, fat is flavour. am sure you can find proof for and against on the net ...but I just found this !!!

what on earth is monounsaturated fat ?? that is bad right ??(oh god I should know this !! lol ol ol )

thanks for the chokkie Mrs !! lol lol....if you are funny and annoy some I guess you will win the award for the
"best all rounder " lol lol lol lol ol

animal fats are 'bad' fats, they are saturated fats.

alot of olis are also saturated fats with additives tostop them solidifying on the shelves.

any oils turn into'bad' fats once they hit heat including olive oil.

that also goes for nuts, they are great for you raw but once roasted they are 'bad' fats.

i say 'bad' because i belive nothing is realy bad if you are sensible about it.
there is some good in the fat inside the meat, i love wagyu!
Posted by: Luke-n-George

what on earth is monounsaturated fat ??

Monounsaturated fat is meant to be the better of the fats (sounds like a bad case of glandular fever to me though!). I'm not sure how you get that from an animal though as I was under the impression all animal fat was saturated.

Have to say after reading that article I feel sorry for the cows. Live their life as alcoholic cows just to be eaten later!
Monounsaturated fat is supposed to help lower cholesterol. Everything in moderation I say.

We have just bought 18 Wagyu cows and a Wagyu bull called Hamish and they are all running around the back paddock as we speak. We have picked one out and named her Fillet. We are just waiting for her to fatten up a little and then we'll have a freezer full of Wagyu. Yummo

LOL @ Fillet !!!!

Do you have to feed them beer and sake?!?! Or is it all in the breeding rather than what they eat?

I'm just curious because I'd never heard of them before this post!
In Japan they feed them beer which apparently increases their appetite which gives the meat more marbling. They spit sake over them (gross I know) to help keep ticks off them. This doesn't happen here. Aussies love their beer far too much to feed it to their cows lol. It is much more to do with breeding than what they eat. Here most are grass fed and then grain fed just to finish them off.

Thanks for that.

I was thinking it would be bloody expensive to feed cows beer!
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