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Walking? Rss

lol yeh ended up going to the gym instead of a walk and while im on the treadmill its right next to the window so i get to see... PIZZA HUT!! lol and a car yard, i choose which car id like to buy... oh and twice a man with an interesting spiky pink hairdo has walked past

He''''''''s bubbalicious!

omg 2 months and you lost 19 kg, i put like 25kg on and I only lost like 7kg and half of that is bubs weight and its been almost 8 months im so hopeless.

I walk most days, but have recently joined the gym and part of my programis a 10 min run on the treadmill. I take my Ipod or else it gets so boring lol.

My DP works nights till 12 midnight and when he gets home we go for a 30-45 min walk with the dogs. Its good then coz its not so warm and we talk more then.
Since getting our own place it has been bloody awesome.
So now i have the time to be able to go for walks 3-4 times a week for about an hour/add a bit more coz we usually stop at the playground and play. I find it fun being able to go out with walks with charli- i think i would actually go jogging if i didnt have her with me as she likes to get out of the pram and walk to.
I really like the fact that you feel on top of the world after a walk and when you reach the end of the week you feel really good for doing it.

Karen22 & Charlize20m Makin the most out of life

I always say im going to go for a walk or use the tredmill but by the time i get 4 kids up and ready for school. Im over the feeling and its hard to use the tredmill as my 3 yr old daughter tries to get on so i give up.

We have a 2 storey house with nasty steps i have started going up and down a few more times than i need to but just made my partner lump the tredmill upstairs so i have no excuse


Hi Spunky

I was the opposite. I used to LOVE my morning walk when the boys were little. I had a double pram and we'd head off early before it got to hot. It used to wake me up and refresh me.

I'd be still doing it except the boys hate the pram and started spending all their time arking up about being in it lol sad

my partner said he'll go walking with me and bub after work when is a bit cooler outside but now all he does when he comes home is sleep on the floor it totally annoys me. But he does bricklaying so its a bit tiring, when his at work i look forward at him coming home and when he comes home he sleeps.

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