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ASD assessment - whats involved?? Rss

We are having an ASD assessment done for dd1 on monday. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and what is involved with it. Any input would be much appreciated.

I see that you have already had the appointment going by how long ago you posted. So im going to just share my answer anyway.

We have just finnished our assesment and are waiting for them all to get together and decided on what to call our ASD. all three of them have told me already what they think so i already know they think he has High functioning Autism(HFA).

Ours was managed by our pead but you can go to a specialty autism centre like (CAMHS) its like a one stop shop.

we had a few appointments with our pead and talked about his behaviours and tried diffrent things to rule out other facters(like bad parenting) So dont be dishartened if they suggest alot of behaviour modifications when you feel you have already tried it all.

He them refered us to a psych and speech therapist that specilise in ASD. We live ruraly so had to do alot of traveling for appointments.
Not sure if anyone would have been though the costing of it all with you but if you have a referal from a pead to specilists to get your assesments done then medicare will rebait you but if the referal is from a GP, then you dont get any money back from Medicare the same if you dont have a referal at all and contact them direct.
The psych done two assesments for us. the WPPSI test is an IQ test for kids aged between 2.7 and 7yrs of age. We also had to bring home a Behaviour checklist with arround 100 questions on it we had to answer. We also got a teachers copy for his preschool teacher to fill in. On the second visit, we went through his IQ results and discussed the score of his behaviour checklists. She also said what she will be recommending as the diagnosis to our pead based on his behaviours she has observed and his results.
Speech therapist done a language assesment. We already knew he had a speach dealy but his language had never been assesed and thats what matters with ASD. It took two sessions becouse she starts at an age and asked question or done activities with DS. once he got 7 wrong in a row. the test would stop and she would take the 'age' of his last correct question. but it took 2 one hour sessions as my DS has above average language and he just kept answering them correct.
at the end of the second session, she gave her thoughts on the diagnosis on his behaviour and what i had reported to her and also the test results. She said he presents as aspergers but becouse he had a language delay(didn't talk till he was 3yrs old) It cant be Asprgers and would have to be called HFA.

The pead has always talked to me about it being aspergers but after he talks to them im sure he will agree with HFA too. We have our follow up with the pead in March to go over the results but im happy to know that im not crazy.

Both of the psych and St therapist work from the ASD clinic but we saw them private. they talked alot about what they do there and tryed to tell me to go through that clinic but it makes no diffrent as im sure the diagnosis will be the same in the end.

So if its your first Visit, im sure you will be filled with loads of info and be told about how they plan on doing things.

How did the appointment go?

Teagan 7, Ryden 4, Tayla 3 and Me&Dh 35

Hi Mamfa, thanks for replying.

We have always known there was development delays in a few areas, particularly her speech & social skills.

We started her in a new kindy this year and straight away they noticed similar things and did a checklist on her which showed how she was behind.

We started her on speech therapy straight away and persevered, but got nowhere as she didn't click with the therapist. She would burst into tears at the bottom of the driveway then wouldn't co operate at all with her. So we gave up after 3 mths. She was getting one on one at kindy, and she was talking more than ever before within a matter of weeks, but you still can't understand a whole lot.

We have been waiting for a paed appt since june, hopefully we will have an appt around about february.

In the meantime we have been to ot's, a different speech therapist, who assessed her speech (it also took 2 appts for us as once she had enough, she wouldn't talk anymore and threw herself on the floor and had one of her "moments" (tantrums). But she did do really well the 2nd time (I think she had the trust of the therapist by then which is very important to her). She will be 4 in January but her comprehension is rated around the 2yr10mth age and her actual speech is about 2yr5mth.

We also took her to a psychologist and she did the GARS assessment and the ASDS assessment. She gave us the scores then and there which was great, for the asds one (aspergers) it was 104 which is likely and the GARS one (autism rating scale) score was 107 which is very likely. The guidance counellor at the school (it's a k-12 school) is also a child psychologist and she did the IQ assessment, but not sure what those results were.

So now we have done everything we can to help the paed when we finally get our appt and hopefully will get a diagnosis (if one) then and there and not sent away for another 6mths.

I have alsobeen able to enrol her in the ECDU (early childhood development unit) at one of the schools here (special ed unit) for 2 hrs a day, 2 days a week starting next year so ideally she will be getting 4hrs a week speech therapy instead of 1/2 hr a fortnight, which i think will help her out heaps.

So thats our story, sorry about the novel, but its good writing it all down and making sense of it, particularly with someone who knows what I'm talking about.

Would love to keep in touch if possible. You can never have too much support with this type of thing.
Cheers for now

Its nice to read all about this topic from you 2 girls.

Since my little man was 2 i've thought something wasnt quite right.. just told 'oh he's fine, he'll start talking soon' etc.

Atm were in the process of trying to figure out whats wrong.. Unsure and our next paed appointment he'll be having tests for autism.

Its really hard and some days are easier than others, but hopefully I, like you girls.. will get an answer soon sad

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