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really cheap meal ideas Rss

hi girls i am after some really cheap meal ideas to share with my sister, although i am sure to get some ideas too.
i will start the list and i mean CHEAP!:
chicken wings with vegies
sausage sandwiches
home made rissoles served as hamburgers
a bowl of weetbix

any suggestions???

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

Depends on how important health is?

What is the reason she would need to eat WeetBix for DINNER???

Obviously financially, has she seeked some help?

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Anything with mince is cheap

I have given my kids weet~bix for dinner on a lazy night, it fills them up more than noodles or a sandwich

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My DH loves weetbix or porridge for dinner.

Get a packet of pasta and sauce, four cheeses or something similar. Cook it like normal, when cooked add a 420gm can of tuna drained, then either corn or other mixed vegies. If using frozen veg add when the pasta is cooking.

Makes a easy meal that is cheap and quick but still fairly healthy.

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As someone else said anything with mince...

Spag Bog
Chow mein

Casseroles are cheap and you can use any meat you like or just use veg and make it like a soup

Pasta/Potato Bake
Whole Chickens are pretty cheap atm...You can pick up at 2 pack for $9 some places.

Porridge for brekky...Just add some sugar/honey

I find that meat is cheap early in the morning so thats when I buy my meat.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

2 min noodles with some frozen vegies added in.

Macaroni cheese

Spag bol

Potato bake

Eggs on toast

Trace I do that as well

what i do to keep my shopping bill down, is do a shop with a shopping list, but i only buy things like bread and cereal at the supermarket, and then i buy my fruit and veg from a veggie store and meat from a wholesale butcher! so my shop ends up being a bout 100-150 a week!!

Try adding rice or pasta to things you cook, its cheap as and makes the meal go a long way.
Cook up some pasta, find any leftover vegies in the fridge, give them a quick steam then stir through the pasta, add some herbs and grated cheese. Yum, healthy and uses up that last tomato, couple of mushrooms etc that always seem to be floating around in the crisper.

Posted by: mumto6boys
Trace I do that as well

Glad to know others do it. I have received some really strange looks when I have said about making it.

When I was a single mum and on a very tight income we had it probably once a week. My kids love it.

currently being updated please check back later.

spunky princess,
yes, for financial reasons.
and i think a bowl of weetbix happens to be nutricious!
and my family has had the odd lazy night where we have all had cereal for dinner!!
so if you havent got any helpful suggestions - dont post.

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

thanks to everyone that has replied with some helpful meal ideas. once the topic dies down i will print it and give it to her.
her family is in a bad way financially at the moment, through no fault of her own and they are digiing there way out.
this list will help her.

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

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