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i am looking for some work from home ideas as we ned extra cash but going back to work isnt something i can do right now. any ideas greatly appreciated smile

blessed mum of 3

Hi Mandy Moo,

I just tried to reply but I dont think it worked....Sorry if you have 2 messages from me!

I found this really great work from home business that costs less than $1000 (there are 4 start up options to choose from ranging in price) to start and offers really great commissions.

The company is in the travel industry so you get access to fantastic travel discounts as well as giving you an extra income.

Have a look at my link and see if it's something that might suit you.

I have found it to be very easy to manage around the children as there really isn't much time involved and all the contact with your prospects is automated and done for you.

Hope this helps you with ideas!
I run short courses for Mumpreneurs where you can bring baby and this helps mums define their idea and create a viable business plan. If you are interested I can send you more info.

Also try and if there is anything else I can help you with please let me know x
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