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I have posted on here before enquiring about working from home oppurtunities,i have heard of people doing office work but cant see this sort of work anywhere,then there is paid surveys but i am unsure which are scams,looked into sugarmums but there site does not give me enough info.I am not looking for some get rich quick scheme but something that brings in $250 to $300 a week.I was working 3 ten hour days in a office and this became to much as bub was always sick at day care so i now work 3 night a week at subway 5.30 to 10.30 but then we gotta clean up and im not walking in to after 11.I am interested in any advice,experience, suggestions,info.Thankyou x
what about being a virtual assistant? google it..... surveys are ok but not regular income... focus groups too are good
i am a learning ladder consultant working from home doing partys at peoples places at times that suit me and i take my 5 month old with me.
we sell educational products for kids.
i would be happy to give you some info if you would like
email me at

blessed mum of 3

I work from home for an inbound call centre, and I just love it as it is so convenient and allows me to still be at home with the kids - I have 2 young ones. You can choose your own hours, so you can work at much or as little as you like, and there are a range of different companies that they take calls for. Its fantastic. At the moment, I am earning around $200/week, but have previously earned around $500 when I was doing more hours. Hope this helps!
I have been demonstrating Tupperware for 4 months now.
It has so many rewards, starting from the money, flexible working hours (i have a 8 month old baby), cheap Tupperware for yourself, there is no cash outlay, and they reward you for doing your job with plenty more gifts.

For the first time I can actually say that I love my job, I work little hours and I spend so much time with my daughter.

Give me a call on 0430 490 599 if you want some more info and I promise that there is absolutely no pressure. I was in your situation too. I needed the money but didnt want to put in the hours. The best thing about this business is that they provide you with free training and start you off with everything you need.

Hi R and R

Thanks for your Reply This is something i definatly would be interested in.Can i ask what sort of hours you were working to earn $200 and what sort of hours to work $500?
I had a quick look at there site,Do they provide training then so you know what to day lol silly question i know i assume they do.
Is there any start up fees?
Thanks again
Hi mumkylie,

Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you - with the current campaign that I am doing, it works out at roughly $18-19 an hour, but it can be more or less, depending, so its around 10-15 hours a week for $200 and up to 30 hours a week for $500.
You can choose your own hours, so you can work as much or as little as you like.
You are fully trained, its all online accreditation which you can do in your own time as long as its all completed by a certain date, they normally give you around 2 weeks to complete it.
There are no start up fees as such, but you will need to make sure that you have a phone with a headset that can be attached, most cordless phones these days come with headsets.
There is a great online community, where you can chat to others who are working at the same time, as well as the managers, so if you ever get stuck on something, there is always someone there to help.
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask - my email is

Thanks Carolyn for the info,i appreciate it.I will definatly be looking into it further .

Thanks again,Kylie .
Hi Kylie... I was just reading your post here and was wondering if you looked into Carolyn's website?? I looked at it but because my computer is not compatible (mac) i can't do it... just wondering if you are/did and if so how its going and if not have you managed to find anything else as im keen to work from home also but like you said there is sooo many scam ones out there its hard to find a legit one...
Ahh yes you really have to love those sites that pray on people who want to work from home, they send you to a website that has no info on what it is that they actually sell or do! I got scammed into one those earlier this year! It really put me off working from home, The thing that really daunted me about going back to work was my employment history! Before I had kids I was in the sea freight industry working for a shipping line, but after having 2 kids in 14 months there was a huge change in everything! Not to mention that the closest I live to the water / beach is about 300kms! ohh and the huge "you have to have a piece of paper / qualification" to do anything! I left school in year 10 and went straight into an office job where I was there for 7 years before having kids! Gone are the days where experience actually ment some thing over a piece of paper!
Any who! I ended up doing something that I swore I wouldn't do, I looked at party plan, yep all the usuals.. Tupperware, Chocolates.. you name it I looked at it, I looked at the payments and quality, I was invited to a party for a friend who had started with LR Health and Beauty, I looked closely at the products because I had never heard of them before, Which prompted me to ask more about the company and the who's, hows, whys and the usual questions! My friend ran it as a party plan kinda thing, however party plan wasn't for me, After all who really wants to go out on a wet cold rainy winters night? She told me that I could run my business online, I could do parties and fund raisers when it suited me and how I wanted to do it! So guess what I did, I joined up! I already had placed an order with my friend for the things that I wanted to buy, so instead of paying the retail, I picked a kit which had what I wanted in it anyway and just went from there. I work when I want and best of all, I can do it with my kids, infact a number of sales have been via my daughter's friends mums, because I use a few things on her eczema her friends parents are now using on there kids as opposed to steroid creams! If you would like to take a look, my website is I am more then happy to answer an questions you might have.
Enjoy your quest on finding the right thing that works for you
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