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how big did you get? Rss

how big did you get? I am nearly 21 weeks pregnant with twin girls and already feel huge starting to think that there is going to come a time when i am going to get to big to do anything!!!! when pregnant with multiples how active can you be and for how long??? Any stories good or bad would be appreciated
How big? HUGE!!!!!!

I thought that i was going to burst. It is amazing how the human body will grow. Still freaks me out when I see pics of myself.

I had to quit work at 26 weeks as I was just too tired. Other than that still did things as usual just had to make sure that I had an arvo nap.

How active depends on you really and being tired etc. Just dont push yourself too much as you dont want to go into premature labour which is already a risk with multiples.

Ali, VIC 5yr old Twins (DD & DS) & 1yr old DS

I put on 34kgs and lost it all pretty quickly.
I was doing 3 sessions of personal trainig a week till I was around 22 weeks.
I stopped work at 30 weeks and moved house at 30 weeks.
I got pretty big, but could still move around, walking got hard from 32 weeks.
My boys arrived at 34.4 waters broke right in the middle of cooking dinner for my parents and MIL!


belly was the size of a bowling ball

bree-ella and isabella 12/9 04 mikayla 27/10 07

I put on 18 kilos but it was all in my belly. I was pretty big in front by halfway but didn't get enormous until the last couple of weeks. My legs started to swell at about 35 weeks. I wore size 10 or size small maternity clothes throughout the pregnancy and have lost all the weight 8 weeks on. No stretchmarks but that is just good luck I think. I was shocked at how skinny my legs got once the fluid went, I forgot that they weren't actually like tree trunks LOL.

I kept doing everything I would normally do, except I stopped work and took sick leave from 25 weeks. And I couldn't get down to vacuum under the bed or lounge. I went shopping the day before my c/s to make sure we had everything we needed and it took me a little longer than normal as I got tired from walking around but nothing too bad.
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Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

I got HUGE!!!
I carried until 37+1 weeks, put on 31.5 kgs, literally ran out of clothes that kept me decent the day I was admitted to hospital (pants sat sooo far down under my bump I was sure my "lady fluff" was on show!! and the biggest t-shirt in the house only just covered me) I did a measurement of my waist at about 34ish weeks and I think it was about 44 inches!!
I wasn't able to wear shoes after 33 weeks as my feet got to fat (fluid, and I carried thur summer, yay for jandels) and I wasn't able to get down on the floor (not that I wanted too) or back up again without help. But once the boys arrived and I recovered from the c-section, things are pretty much back to normal, and I am one of the lucky ones.....only a handful of stretchmarks on my hips that are barely visable now nearly 9 months later.

Go here

to see 34 weeks with 1st set of twins (in labour)


to see 37 weeks with 2nd set of twins (born at 38 weeks 2 days)

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I got rather big too - gained 20kg all but about 2kg came off in the first 2 weeks. I worked up until 34/35 weeks and was doing mum fit classes until 32 weeks....didn't stop anything - just was slower at doing it!! I finished work on the friday and had the girls on the Monday at 34 + 6 weeks.

My legs were enormous and I could only were thong type shoes. My issues were fluid retention and I got hot a lot of the time - even in air con!

I guess it depends on how active you are now and how healthy you eat throughout the pregnancy too. It all helps....good luck!!!
Mumto6boys - how did you do it?....

One set of twins is enough for me! LOL.

I was probably about the same size as your second set of twins - but I went at 34+6!! Alot of fluid.

Congrats - you must be the organisational queen!!
I gained about 26kg... most of which was fluid! I lost all except about 6kg in the 1st week after my girls arrived. I went up 2 shoe sizes (fluid). A lot of people didn't realise I was having twins... they expected me to be a lot bigger but I felt like I was the size of a whale!

I started going into labour at 31 weeks, so that was the end of work for me. Thankfully they were able to stop the labour from progressing (my waters didn't break) and I carried my girls until 36weeks, when I had emergency C/S due to "Twin A" (aka Mia) losing weight in-utero. I took it very easy from our scare until the girls were born.

I continued doing pre-natal yoga once a week until the week before my girls were born, but other than that I just slept alot! LOL!!

Mum to Mia & Charlotte

HUGE!! you will feel big now, but Heaps goes on in the last three months. I had my girls in perth, so i travelled 800 k's when i was 32 weeks pregnant and i thought i was Big.. stayed up there for 5 weeks before i had them, had them at 37+1 weeks, and then i knew the real meaning of big!!
I put on 14 kgs all up but was huge out front! It was ALL belly...I looked like a torpedo! I had my girls at 34 weeks and breastfed for 5 weeks. The weight fell off in about 3 weeks and I am back to my old size. I managed to get no stretch marks but had really sensitive skin on my belly for 2 months.
I remember my ob saying I looked full term at 30 weeks but had "plenty of room to expand" I nearly slapped him!
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