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I am 12 weeks pregnant with twins and I just wondered how early in your pregnancy you can feel them move whether it is earlier than a singleton pregnancy due to having 2 in there.


Hi, I guess it's different for everyone...i felt my twins move from 13weeks. But I also felt my singletons move from about the same time.
i felt mine at 19's my first pregnancy so i can't compare to any singletons.
I felt my twins first move at 12 weeks but with my first preg wich was a singleton i didnt feel his movements till 17 weeks.

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I bet they are really moving around for you now Carolyn!!


Well I was getting worried as I am now 20weeks and still don't really feel them move but I had my morphology scan yesterday and although twin A has some minor problems they are both doing well. I also found out the reason I am not feeling them move very much is because the placenta is lying across the front.


I didnt feel my two till quite late, I think it was around 20/21 weeks.

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