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Hi, I was wondering is it "normal" to show so early after having twins? I am 11 weeks pregnant with 1 baby and I look as if i should be about 5 months along! Is it common for your tummy to pop so early? Thank you very much wink
I was wondering the same thing! My twins are now 3yo and im preg again. Im only 7 weeks along but my belly which was fairly slender is now growing faster than i remember it doing with either of my previouse pregnancys... i already cant do my jeans up and have had to go and buy myself some trackies!!!

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I havn't had twins but with my 3rd baby I popped out very early.

My fundal height was a few weeks over what it should be. My midwife said to me that it can happen because your body has a memory of what happened with previous pregnancies.

She though maybe twins, but there was just one.
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