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Hi all.
Just wanted to say HI as this is my first post.
I have twins a boy and a girl and they are 10 months.
Just wondering how many of you out there get the same question as I do all the time. People who come up to you in shopping centres and supermarkets, stop, look and admire and then they say "You must have your hands full!" Why do people always assume these things. It is almost as annoying as they "Are they identical?."
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Kylie, mummy to twins Flynn & Mataya

smile and wave, just smile and wave lol! Yup I get it a lot and also have a 4yr old and 5mth old on either side of our twins, I just smile and say yup heaps of fun!! Doesnt really annoy me, people just want to say something and its the first thing that comes out :0)

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

He he he...I hate the "double trouble" more and the bigger one for me is when they say aren't they cute little boys...we have two girls and I make sure I dress them in pink when we go out just so people don't say that...but it doesn't seem to work! Some people are just plain stupid I think!

I think people assume twins are hard work because most of the time they have only ever had one baby at a time and a lot seem to struggle with that...not saying single babies can't be a handful, but I think there is an art to raising twins or more and at the end of the day - we really don't have a choice in the goes on.

It can get annoying sometimes, but I am extermely used to it now and just smile and say 'yes it's great' or whatever. I try not to take to much notice. I actually have 7 boys (2 sets of twins) and if I'm out with all the kids, I get. '7 boys! How do you do it? Are the twins identical? Are they ALL yours' the questions go on and on.

But I do have to say I like the people that come and talk to me about it, rather then the ones that walk past and look disgusted that I have so many children.

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Hi all multiple mums
On the topic of "you must have your hands full". I was in woollies the other day, and it always takes ages because of everyone stopping you, anyway I was in a mega rush just to get a couple things. What I do in these circumstances,(even when both babies awake), I drape muslin wrap over stroller, walk at a fast pace and look straight ahead, absolutely no stopping for chit chat, this usually works. And I couldn't believe it this little old lady taps me on the shoulder to stop me, then proceeds to lift wrap, touch feet and says "Oh they're awake" and "YOU MUST HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL", and the usual 50 thousand questions, I couldn't believe it!! Anyway she made them giggle and was really nice, but I thought my little plan of attack for woollies was fool proof. Sometimes it drives me mad, a little annoyed at time but now it makes me smile when I think of the look on that little old lady's face when they both giggled, like they knew they were suppose to be hidding!!
I get so many comments like that! I hate the double trouble one too - i have started commenting back with comments like double the cuddles and double the love. I think that the worst one i have had was "oh man i feel so sorry for you" - i was so gobsmacked by that comment i didnt know what to say! Wish i had a smart comment to say back to them! People dont realise how lucky we are to have twins - its so much fun!
I try and do the cover up the stroller trick and walk fast with determination...looks like your to busy to talk..But yeah...the questions get REALLY annoying!!
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