Hi Girls, oh and Guys

I'm needing advise/help..............Please
My near 4yo will be going for an Operation in 2 weeks to have her Adnoids & Tonsils out. She is a HIGH MAINTENANCE child, thats not being mean in any way mind you.....just very clingy and demanding and when sick only wants mummy. I will be going in when they put her under and then going into the recovery room, but as for the overnight stay it will be Hubby, as I will be home with our 11mth old whom is still B/Feeding and can't be in overnight.
My question is, How do i prepare her for the BIG Op. What do i say so as not to scare her? The surgeon says to say she is going into Hospital to sleep in a big bed, but she is brighter and smarter than that, are'nt they all!!!!

Any Advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx, 2greatkids