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How do I help my toddler to understand that the twins are coming? Rss

Hello All,

I am seven weeks pregnant with twins and also have a nineteen month old son. How do I help my son to understand that he will soon have siblings?

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I think if you talk to him as much as you can about the babies and include him in things like buying clothes toys etc which he can pick out. Also maybe when you due date gets closer you could perhaps get him a set of his own twins (dolls) When i had my second child i made sure that my daughter was the first person to see her new brother and she went with dad to the toy shop to buy a special present too. also maybe get him to help with setting up things in the babies bedroom too.
Also i think you should start telling your family and friends that when the babies arrive that its not all about them and not to forget your son at all.

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Thanks for your reply. I was going to buy him a toy pram and a doll anyway, as he loves playing with his cousins', I should just get two as you suggested. We weren't really going to buy anything as I have a lot of things left over from him and his cousin but I guess a few more toys and clothes couldn't hurt. I'm already planning on setting a part of the day apart just for him. Everyone I have told already has been reminding me it's not all about the new babies, so I don't think they will have a problem with focusing too much on the babies and forgetting my son. I'm going to the book store today and looking for a book that has new siblings in it for him.

Thank you very much,

toddlers understand more than we give them credit for tell him that there are 2 tiny babies living in mummys tummy and when they are ready to come out they will live with you all as family make a big thing of the big brother thing.
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