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Pocket Money & Mobile Phones.. Rss

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How are you going? It can be stressful bringing up kids. I give my DS 15 and DD 13 money when they need it. I have trouble getting them to stick to regular chores but the help me whenever I need it, be it cooking dinner or cleaning up. They also sometimes help look after DS 2. In regards to mobile phones I gave them one when they started high school. Which happens to be at aound 11 yo. I would not recomend prepaid as you cant check who they have called or when. Just recently I noticed on our phone bill that my DD 13 had been ringing people in the wee hours of the morning and had to confront her about it. It was all innocent but you never know. If you have prepaid you cant check what they are up to. Any phone you get now should have fixed number dialing which means that they can only call who you want them to call if you want to do it like that. Mind you there are some things you just cant check on but mine know if they are up to no good mum will find out. I am lucky like that thought they do seem to be quite level headed for their ages. Then again maybe they are just fooling me. LOL. I probably sound over protective but I don't believe that in this day and age you can be, there are just too many things that teenagers have to be careful of. I love the mobiles I gave my kids because they can do video call, so if I am curious to know what they are up to I video them and they can't tell me there are somewhere they are not. I also don't think you should give you kids too much money to spend as some things can be tempting if they have money to waste. That is why I prefer to give it to them when they need it. Anyway sorry for such a long reply I hope it helps.

my 13yr and 11yr both have mobile phones that they had to save up for and buy their own credit. They get $5 per week but must do chores etc lay and unlay table,unload dishwasher, make bed, walk dog and put bin out. I must say most of the 11yr that I know all have pre-paid mobiles and have to do chores for their pocket money. They are both learning to bank money so they can buy better things which is good

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wow this is a gr8 topic my 10 yr old gets 10 a week if he cleans his room everyday i mean no clothes on floor and bed atleast made and just generaly tidy he has to do homewk clean toilet and bathroom once a week plus mop his floor once a week and do dishes at least 2 times a week and also be nice to his sisters if not he looses $1-2 everytime hes nastey or something its helped a lot but im not sure bout the mobile fone just yet lol i dont thik that that is too much to ask and if its not done properly he looses money so theres no half hearted efforts going on hehehehehe am a tough mum but i think it helps plus if its not done at all he doesnt get paid !!!!

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I have a 14 year old who had a mobile phone since he was about 11 ! I bought it for him because he also complained to me that everybody has one and I thought it is a good way to contact him if I need to !!It is a prepaid one of course and he is very responsible with his credit he only sends texts with his friends so that is good !The only thing is with mobiles that he might loose them (my son lost two already)so do not buy the expensive ones ..
With pocket money I do the same as you just give him money when he needs it for sensible he needs to behave and have good marks in school !
I don't give him money for cleaning his room or doing his homework because (as "loving it " said it too) my opinion is that he needs to do that without a reward that is his responsibility ! He does get money from his dad if he helps mown the lawn !
I guess that's all how I do it everybody is different and it is really hard to decide what to do but we really have to teach them to be responsible with the money !
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