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Pocket Money & Mobile Phones.. Lock Rss

This is the day for my issues with DS 11 to be fixed with Huggies Mums!

Pocket money - should he get it and how much? presently I just give him money if he wants it, to go to the shops, or the movies etc with friends.

Mobile phones - he insists all kids his age have one..should we get him one?

not sure about the money but dont really think that all 11 yr olds have a phone if you dont want him to one one then dont get him one! how will he pay for the calls? with his money?(yours LOL)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I was thinking of a prepaid one...definitely NOT a It would be useful to contact him, we moved to an area where he can roam around with mates, go to the local shop to buy lunch etc, play cricket,footy at the oval..just not sure it is necessary..

i think 11 is too young for a phone personally. when he does get his own phone make sure its prepaid and that he pays for his own credit be it with birthday money or something. pocket money is a good idea but make sure you have an agreement with him to earn the money. make a list of age appropriate chores for him to do - stick it on the fridge and if theyre all done by the end of the week he gets some dosh smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days


I give my DD almost 10yo pocket money- but only if she actually does something to earn it. She has things she is responsible for around the house. If these jobs don't get done- or I have to do them- she doesn't get anything. On special occasions- like when she goes to her grandparents on the holidays etc- she gets some spending money. I think it is important that children learn that you need to work or put in some sort of effort in order to be given money to spend- sets them up for later on in life and teaches them the importance of money. Otherwise - I swear my DD would think I had a money tree out th back (I wish).

Mobile phones- argggghhhhhh- many people have very different opinions on this one. Thankfully my DD has not asked for one yet. I will not be buying her one until she is a little older and when I do I think it will be a prepaid one so that once those credits are gone- she is done- she can't wrack up a huge bill. You can get prepaids set up for kids so that even if they run out of credits they can still call 3 numbers such as home etc- really good in case they get stuck somewhere or in trouble.

If you do buy him a pre paid mobile- he might need that pocket money to keep credit on it, lol.
Sorry your going to hate me now.

I would have to agree with your son that alot not all 11yr olds have mobile phones and as for pocket money he should maybe do some chores.

My DD(7) has a mobile phone and she has had it since Jan this year. I think that it is teaching her to be responsalbe as she knows who can and can't ring and knows that she has a limit.She gets $30 credit every month and if its gone before hand then thats too bad.She also get pocket money $3 a day to make her bed in the morning and to tidy her room.

$21 a week Suzie?

He is one lazy bugger, so I will draw up a list of chores - what sort should he do? He currently has to take the bins out - and that is it. He is meant to keep his room tidy, but I just looked in there and shuddered and shut the door again!

well make sure he knows that he will be rewarded for doing his room. he thinks he can get away with it being messy because mum will do it! lol. maybe he can dry the dishes, set the table and clear the table after dinner, feed the pets if you have any, vacuum the car once a week. totally up to you!

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days


I can suggest some jobs-

These are some of the things my DD does-

1. Irons her own clothes- except the tricky ones

2.Helps hang out and folds up washing- has to do a minimum of 3 loads a week to get her money for this job.

3. Put rubbish in the wheelie bin each day.

4. Clean the bathroom once a week

5. Wipe over/Dust skirting boards with a cloth each week.

I don't pay my DD to clean her room- but if her room is not clean every Sunday (inspection day) I take away a couple of dollars out of her pocket money. That seems to motivte her to keep it a little tidier.

Every month we review what she has been doingand if we are not 100% happy then her pocket money gets cut down. At one point she was getting 50cents a day because she didn't want to do what is asked of her.

As for chores for an 11yr old, maybe help out with the dishes,bins out, room must be tidy and bed made, homework must be done.
I think you should give him some jobs to do each week,, then he gets his pocket money.

I think mobiles are really good for kids these days..but with the following conditions;

It has to be switched on at all times when he is out. Otherwise confiscate it.
Only get prepaid.
If he abuses the situationa nd plays games on it all the time especially when he should be doing housework, take it off him.

Hey I have good idea, Tell Jordan if he behaves for the interview and does what you tell him to do. And sticks to the above conditions then you might get him one.
I think that is what I would do.

Ok heres my 2cents worth

Definately give pocket money if he does chores- im not talking cleaning his room and keeping it clean- its a privelidge (SP) to have ur own room so u keep it clean after all us mums dont get paid to keep our house clean...
chores like doing dishes, vacumming tidying up after dinner, taking out rubbish ect. as for the limit well that should be set on wether u get him a mobile fone or not and wat u can afford- $10 aweek without mobile or $5aweek with mobile

As for getting him a mobile fone- wen my DS starts to go out with friends then he will be getting a mobile fone (lol NOTe he is only 6months ATM will mobiles still be around?) if finances permit and its reasonable then get him one, but as u sed pre-paid - maybe with vodafone as u can recharge with $29 and get $130 free credit. but he buys the credit with his pocket money. IMO this will help him learn the value of money and he will have to save in order to buy more credit along with other things so he wont just be wasting his pocket money IYKWIM

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