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TWINS!! Calling all mummies with twins in the house! Rss

Hi there!

I thinks it's about time we had a new thread devoted to mummies of twins and higher order multiples. Singleton mummies are welcome too!

Being a mum to twins has many challenges and it would be nice to be able to share information and experiences with eachother. It is a unique experience and one with many rewards and on those occassions where you feel like you have been pushing mud up hill all day long - we are here to support, laugh along with you and generally enjoy eachother's online company.

It's great connecting with others in the 'same boat' so to speak.

Mum to twins Charlie & Harry - 7.5months
HI Natalie,
I love to meet new mums with twins and sometimes my connection with the outside world so to speak is few and far between.
I have a 3yr old girl, Lily, and 9.5 month old boys, Wil and Thomas. They have in the last few weeks started moving more and standing more which basically means you need eyes in the back of your head and along with their three yr old sister it can be a battle.
I am not a big online user but get on enough to have a chat.Hope to catch up online sometime.

Hi ya ladies,

Yay I found you. I am mum to Jake(4) and id twins Ben and Matthew (5 months). I'd love to chat with you guys somemore and see how you guys are coping and what strategies you use to get you through the day.

Hope to get to know you.
we dont have twins but 3 boys very close in age the 2 younger ones are only 13 months apart the middle one is slight for his age and the youngest big so they look the same size wise, without fail if i am out with them someone will ask are they twins? my stock standard reply is no,but almost!.when I was expecting no 3 i said to the ultrasound techinician please do not tell me there are 2 LOL she said why ?I said 3 under 3 is bad enuogh not 4 under 3. you twin mummies must be exremely organised! I do hav a q. do you think that the st. george ad with the babies in the cot with the dummy is real when they hold hands or is it computer generated?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hey multiple mums, I belong to a multiples forum and thats where i do all my twin talking.
If you would like to come and chat to mums in the same multiple boat come and look at our site at


Hi, I'm a twin Mum! I have an almost 5 year old daughter, and almost 6 month old twin girls. My eldest starts school next week (thank goodness) as she's currently driving me absolutely insane. The twins are still waking throughout the night and it's killing me! I've got a great Mummy friend however desperately would like to chat with some other twin mums. Any wonderful ideas to get my girls sleeping through would be appreciated.

Look forward to chatting (this is my first time in a chat room).

Mum to Courtney, Kaitlin and Emma
hey kerry, i'am a twin mum aswell i have an almost 4yr old daughter and 2yr old twins and i hope we can chat about.

firstly are the breast or bottle feed. if brest maby they are not getting enough. bottle mabey an extra bottel during the day. or i t could be possible they need solids if they are already on solids mabey dessert befor bedtime bottle as it could just be they are hungery. hope this helps you out.

hope to hear from you.( this is my second time chating)

mum to izabella, holly and kaleb.
[Edited on 10/08/2007] the place to be. Iam assistant admin on the site and ity is a great way to communicate with other multiple mums. thanks to mum 2 twins for getting the ball rolling on recommending this site. come on everyone come in side and join the fun!
im also a twin mum to 3 year old gurls

bree-ella and isabella 12/9 04 mikayla 27/10 07

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