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Hello I have 3 kids, 6, 5 and 4 years old. My problem is my middle son who is 5. He wears dry nite every night as he keeps wetting the bed. My youngest son who is 4 can go without doing a wee all night. I was just wondering how to stop him weeing during the night. We do get him to do a wee before he goes to sleep, and we always make him wee during the night as well. If we miss one night, by morning he is already wet. Can you please help us or give us advise.

Thank you,

Kathy, Brisbane, 3 kids

Kathy, we have a son who is 7 years old and still wears DryNites!!! And his 4 year old sister is dry every night.

Though the wet nights are getting less frequent, I do remember a while back when he could have been to the toilet at 8pm and when we checked at 10 he was soaked - and would be wet again in the morning! Obviously creates a LOT of urine during the hours that we normally create only small amounts! That combined with the fact that he does not wake to the 'full bladder.'

AS I understand it, it will just stop when they 'grow out of it.' There are medications that do stop bedwetting - one that we were offered was a nasal spray each night that helps their body to concentrate their urine overnight - i.e. make smaller amounts.
We couldn't really see the need for it - as it doesn't 'cure' the problem, just helps you over the time period. If it really bothered DS - if he wanted to go on sleep-overs or something and was embarrassed, I could see a reason ... but otherwise, no.

I don't think getting them up to go in the night helps either - I remember being told that this works against them, in that it is YOU getting them up, not them feeling a full bladder and waking up - IYKWIM?

It seems to be genetic too. Though neither DH or I were bedwetters, DS has cousins and aunts who were - some up to the age of 8 years.

I guess you should have him checked by the doc just to rule out diabetes or urinary tract infection - but usually there is no organic cause for this ... but apart from that, just thank goodness for DryNites - and just 'go with the flow' ... oops! No pun initially intended there! grin

All the best!

OMG I thoght I was the only one!!
My DS is 5 and still wets every night! He stopped for awhile but then due to stres and family troubles he started again.
I have just decided that he will stop when he is ready, but if it continues past his next birthday I will take him to the doctor.

And yes Thank Goodness for dry nites!!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Hi Kathy

I have son that is just three and he is always dry but a few weeks ago he started to wet him self at night. Then complaned that he had a ichy bum, so it to town I went and got some worm tablets, Sitting down to read them and they say worms can cause bed wetting. So I wromed him and that night he did'nt wet the bed!!!
Not saying that it will help but I told a friend and she said it worked too.
Hope this helps!!!

Also try restricting one drink with tea and no more see if that works.

Cameron 4yrs and Brodie 18 months

Hi Kathy
I know how you feel. My son was great for about 8 months maybe once a fortnight he'd wet the bed. Then one bad dream (we had a german shepherd dog jump over our fence and he keeps dreaming that it's in his room) and now we're lucky to have one dry 'Drynite' a fortnight. This has been going on now for about 3 months with no end in sight.

I'm just plodding along at the moment reinforcing him that the dog has gone and never to return. See how we go.

Good luck.

Me 28, DP 31 - Lochie 4 Laura 2

My daughter is 7 and still in dry nites.
She is under specialist care at the hospital as she seems to get a lot of infections as well sad
I have one kidney, no medical evidence as to what cause my other one to stuff up so bad it had to be removed though. And both myself and my ex hubby were wetters so that could be the factor as well.
Its a waiting game really.
Specialist said waking at night to go to the toilet is no good, its hit and miss. Do not cut out water at a certain time as that is bad for their bodies. And only use a machine tow ake them if they ask for it as it can cause more damage than good at times.

I've had professional advice on this subject--don't worry about it. You can rule out some things like diabetes by getting him a urine test but otherwise, it is very very common in boys. A Paediatrician advised us to not even consider using the alarm system until he's 7. Relax, don't do star charts, and don't make him feel guilty because it's not his fault. I've also read a lot of information which suggests you don't get them up to wee in the middle of the night. I was hugely relieved to read that because it never worked for us and was such a mission. And don't limit the amount of fluids in the day. You'll hear that one, but it's not good advice. Don't worry, you're not the only one and try not to make it a major issue for your family.
Well if it makes you all feel better, my DS1 who is 10 now has only been dry for about 8 weeks now! woohoo too may i say! still wont hold my breath as we are prepared for a relapse too. BUT, we have been down every avenue you can think of. we tried the bed wetting alarm when he was 7, didnt work, he wasnt ready. left it for a while. tried the nasal spray when he was 8, as that was the age they would prescribe it, but it honestly sent him hyper and didnt make a change either. I tried the chiropracter, got a couple dry night then back to normal. We tried being nice about it, getting cross with him, lifting them at night, which the enuresis clinic advise against. by this time he was usually already wet too. I think in the end we just tried to ignore it, hope he would grow out of it. But Then he wanted to do things, like go for sleep overs, sport camps and realised he had an emabarressing problem. So i asked if was ready to really try fix it, he said yes. So went back to the bed wetting alarm. I was sure it would work, as the first week it was going of 1-2 times a night, then he went a couple nights, then it was a week, bext thing i knew it was 2 weeks. Once he went 3 weeks without a wet, we got to return the machine! it has been a huge relief in this house. I do expect a few accidents here and there, but we are miles ahead of where we were.
Honestly if they have ruled out all medical problems, dont push them, they need to be ready. as frustrating as it is, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I found that reducing fluids didn't help a great deal, but reducing juice did, replaced for plain water, no idea why. Also we do a meditation now - calls them his angel stories, dramatically reduced nightmares, which I think was part of it, more relaxing night and dreams (DS has a very vivid imagination)

Hang in there,

Brissie mum 5 & 2 y.o munchkins & 1 due

The reason juices arent good, is the sugar interferes with the chemical that sends the message to the brain that the bladder is full. Drinking the water will help fill the bladder to get a better signal to the brain.
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