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hi, i have a 12 year old boy an 8 year old girl and a three month old baby is had to spread your love but us women do our eldest our great with the baby they are like little mum and dad to him.but i have to keep telling them i love you and you are all my babies they do feel a bit left out cause i'm not there as much. we cant just drop every thing like we used to.i try to make sure we still have our little time together and they know we love them all the same.good luck and best wishes
Dear Mars 29

Good lord girl!!!

You have 7!!!
I have no right to complain about one teenager!! LOL

Do you ever sleep??? I am soooo jealous of you girl. I would so love to have lots and lots of kids. They seen to put the sunshine in my life.

You are a champ!!! I would love to know all you beautiful kids names.


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Yes i have two teenagers, ds 14.5 and dd 13.5 then ds 12 and dd 19mths and another precious on the way. I am just beginning to find out about teenagers. My mum says im getting my own back... i dont know who is harder, toddler or teen!!!
hi pook
i have a 19yr old dd, 17yr old dd and a 3yr old ds
and am pregnant with my 4th due april 08

i find that my daughters are great and help out but i do give their own space without their little brother tagging along

its is a lovely mix and i find my 3yr old is very outgoing having older siblings
by the way i have been married to dh for nearly 20yrs

I AM a
Hi everybody!

I have a 14year old and a 3year old !! Both boys !
When we had our first one we decided that one is enough for us but then I got clucky and we had a the little one so they were both planned ! They get along very well and my big boy is a lot of help ! The little one adores his big brother !
But as everybody said the older one needs a lot of attention too sometimes even more then the toddler !
He is in a stage now that he thinks he know it all and likes to argue a lot I wander if this will pass ??? Sometimes he drives me insane ...
Hi All,
I too have 2 teenagers, both boys 15 and 13 and then I have my 5 Month Old. People ask if my 5 Month old was planned after a 13 year gap! And yes you do get sick of saying yes he was planned.
My older 2 were unimpressed at the thought of a baby but love him to bits now he is here.
Silvie I totally agree, my 13 year old needs more attention than the other 2 combined, and they do eventually improve!


I have two teenagers, dd17 (18 on saturday) and a 16yo ds, and I also have a 15
month old dd.

I am loving being a mother second time around. The older two thought I was joking when I told them I was pregnant, it took them a bit of getting used to, but now their baby sister is here they love her to bits.

I love how the kids are all at different stages, dd17 working full time, ds16 oh my god dont get me started! hahaha and my beautiful baby girl who is doing something different every day.

Some people have been a bit rude, asking if the last one was planned and looking shocked when I said yes (I was 1 week off 41 when I had her) but who cares? Its mine and my families life, not theirs.

I hear a lot about everyones babies (ahh derrr! Huggies website!) but I would love to hear about other mums teens as well.
I look forward to chatting with you all more.

Hi,i have a 14 year old son and a 10 week old daughter.People are always amazed at the age gap.My son is very helpful and dotes on his little sister,i was very amazed as i didnt expect him to adapt so well. lillicoi
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