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Baby No. 2 Rss


I have just had my 2nd baby so my kiddies are 19 months apart. It is hard, as my DS (21 months) is still very dependant and of course the broken sleep from night feeds leaves you a little tired. Things are settling into some sort of routine now at 8 weeks but juggling afternoons are tricky with bathing, organising dinner, feeding both kids and settling the little one and getting the older one to bed. If you have lots of support it is much easier, ie someone to hold the bub while you organise the toddler or visa versa. But my only recommendation to make life easier is if you can wait until the your toddler is toilet trained, feeding themselves, sleeping through night and through most of the tantrum stage things would be a little less tricky. I am 40 so I didn't have the time to wait but wouldn't change things for world. I also know of a lady who has 11 month old twins and a week old bub but she manages somehow. Kisses to her!
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Lisa, Boy & Girl

I have 3 boys, aged 9,7 and 1 and if i had my time over again id have them 4-5 years apart. I was soo stressed with the first two soo close together and having the wide gap with my last is pure bliss!!! The other 2 go to school and i spend all day playing and cuddling my lil man without little jealous eyes!!!
Oh and I do some house work too somewhere in the day! haha

Mum to 2,9 and 11yrs All Boys!

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