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Just wondering whether anybody has any ideas or help with siblings fighting. My 4 year old boy is very placid, loving, sensitive and very caring and would never ever hurt his sister. BUT my 20mth old girl annoys him, turns off the playstation, has to have everything he has, pulls his hair, bites him, she totally bates him up and therefore he crys and carries on and she walks away with a smirky grin. I have tried to explain to him to walk away and don't carry on like he does because she knows it annoys him so she does it more and more. I have tried to distract 20mth old with different things, put her in the "naughty room" but she keeps going straight back for more. This has been going on for about 4 months if not longer. Any ideas?

Carmen 20mth girl, 4 yr boy

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I had the same problem with my eldest two. There is a gap of 27months.
I know I might get jumped on for this, but here goes.
The problem didn't resolve itself. I told him to gently hit her back and if she kept doing it to come get me. My eldest is such a softie, I had to teach him to stand up for himself and yet when he was 10 we told him we were pregnant again (with twins) and he started crying because he was afraid they would be like #3 (who was 4 at the time). Had to explain to him that he didn't have to tolerate bad behaviour just because they were smaller than him.

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