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2 year age gap Rss


I was wondering those who have roughly a 2 year age gap between their children, what was your older child's understanding of your pregnancy & then of their new sibling at that age?



My DD was 2 months off turning 3 when the twins were born. So a bit older. She had a wonderful understanding of what was happening. I have a very stressful pregnancy with the twins and had doctors appointments every day. She attended them with us so was very much apart of the pregnancy and she was there when I had several ultrasounds a week. She could see the babies and talked to them and us about them. She adjusted really well when they were born. Even with them being is hospital for over a month. She enjoyed going and seeing them and loved it when they came home. If you talk to your little one about what is happening and involve them as much as you want the understanding is amazing.

One thing that I don't think I will ever forget is I had to have an amnio done on both twins. Our DD watched the whole thing. The doctor said several times it's just like a blood test. About a week later I was putting DD in the car and she rubbed my hand and said Mummy it won't hurt just like a blood test. So from that I realised how tuned in she was to what was happening.

Just talk to your little one and keep them updated on what is happening.

Thank you, that's really helpful. We are just thinking about TTC #2 atm.

DD was 22.5 months when DS was born. She didn't really have any clue what was happening, I talked to her about the baby a lot but she was too young to get it. Once he was here though she was fine, she had no problems when I took him home. She was really really good tbh, no jealousy, no attitude problems. You will find others who said their 2 year old had problems accepting the baby, so it all depends on the child and on how you deal with it. I say go for it, I love the age gap between my two, they get along really well most of the time smile

Star-Mumm@ wrote:
Thank you, that's really helpful. We are just thinking about TTC #2 atm.

No problem. Good luck.

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