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Need advice on my sons school and the way they're handling things....adhd.. Rss

My son is adhd and aspergers .. Last school holidays he was admitted to hospital with neuroleptic malignant syndrome, basically be became ill and was taken off his adhd Meds in hospital, he became very aggressive and violent towards nurses who went home injured, he then was sedated and plans were being made to transfer him to a big better hospital, this behaviour was part of the illness he had as well as withdrawal from his Meds, risperdal, once back on his Meds he became normal again once the medical conditions passed also. When he is medicated he is your average typical boy, gets a bit excited and silly but very much age appropriate, the school holidays ended and school returned but I kept him home for a few days to make sure he was medically well and behaviour was manageable which is was, anyhow, week 2 and the principle has had him do 1 hour a day at school for transition to see how he goes, he has been fine, we are now week 3 and he is going to do 2 hours a day. I'm getting frustrated as he is fine and has done nothing at school for this to occur, the school say it's for his safety and the students and staff, but I feel it's without a good reason, he is year 3 been there since day 1 of kindy they no him well, when there was an issue with behaviour I payed 300 a week for a private behaviour therapist go into the school and work with him and the school for 7 weeks, which helped a little, anyhow he has been fine since and am frustrated as he is bored At home and missing an education, I don't see him as a threat to the teachers students or himself, he is back to what they'd have always seen of him, the principle believes it's best to not over load him with a full day as he will get tired and start playing up , I said give him a chance, fell on deaf ears...
Is this decriminalising.or is this ok.. He feels like he is being punished and just wants to go back to normal..
You are spot on with everything u say, I really appreciate your feed back, seems more clear in my head now thank so much
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