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My 5 year old step daughter has some really major behavoural issues. We try our best to deal with them when shes here but its hard to have much of an effect when we have her every second weekend and at home there is a serious lack of rules and discipline. Ive been deal with it as best as I can until now.

Her behavior has started to influence my 6 year old daughter that lives with us. Shes gone from being a very well mannered, well behaved little girl to argumentative, sulky, she lies all the time, tattle tales, hits, refuses to share and has a terrible attitude generally. I dont really know what to do anymore, Im pretty close to tearing my hair out. Im 8 months pregnant and barely have enough energy to deal with it now, let alone when I have a newborn.

Anyone got any ideas that could try, Im outta them myself and at my wits end.
Hi, I only have a second but just wanted to say that I have noticed a lot of kids go through the whole attitude thing (everything you described) at around 6 regardless of their influences. Not sure how long the sd has been coming every 2nd weekend, but its possible they are finding it hard to deal with. I found it hard when I was doing it at 8. It's really difficult to be in 2 different families no matter how great they are. I would try and be positive and try not to focus on the negative stuff. Don't tolerate unnacceptable behaviour but try to steer it to the positive wherever you can. Listen to them both, keep talking to them and don't let their current attitude bring you down. Having a 6 year old feels like having a teenager! All the best!
My little guy turns 6 in April and he is going through that phase, OMG it's a nightmare!! They are just trying to find their place in their world but they have limited emotional means to do it well. Could you sit everyone down as a family and work out some family rules, what you would like them to do, what they would like you to do. Also work out what consequences will happen if the rules are broken, them everyone will know where they stand. Let your SD know that although she isn't their all the time she is just as valuable member of the family as those in the house all the time. If it's possible talk to her mum about what you are trying to do

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