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4 1/2 yr old weight and eating Rss

He's sounds very under weight, I would take him to a doctor asap.
Also perhaps try Sustagen- mix it with milk and add icecream to add calories. It will give him some nutritional support and the dairy will help with weight gain. If he likes it, I would give him up to 3 drinks a day. You can also get poppers that are fruit juice flavours if he doesn't like milkshakes.

However I would seek more professional help.
My just turned 4yr old ds is 20.5kg. He is extremely fussy with his eating. He is seeing a paeditrician next month for a number of issues, his eating being one of them. Honestly I would see your Gp initially & get some sort of help now & also get a referral to a paeditrician for long term help.

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