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what are your teens reading? Rss

I thinking about what to get the family for xmas. My neice is 14 and has just started to get into reading. So I wanna buy her a bbok but dont know where to start.

She is no help as her replies are always "I dont know" or "I dont care".... drives her parents insane lol

She did tell me about one book she read (cant remember the name though) but it was about some teens that got trapped in a dome and then got super powers.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I also have no clue as I am not a big reader myself
Some of the more age appropriate stuff I was a big fan of when I was 14 was Brian Jacques series "Redwall" - who writes about a community of talking animals (it's a fantasy). Also Robin Hobb is good for fantasy magicy kind of stuff. I was also reading the Harry Potter series. Another option would be to give her a voucher to a book store so she could pick her own book?

Thanks everyone. I have just ordered a copy of "between the lines". A had a little read about what it is about and I think she will like it. And if she doesnt she is the kind of kid that will appreciate the thought.
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