We have a DS6 how has started taking things. I loathe to say "stealing" but it really is what he is doing and he tells a lot of lies.
He started out with taking chocolate from the pantry after the children had all gone to bed. Then a few weeks ago I suspected that he had taken some coins from various places around the house as he had more money in his wallet than he had had before. All of the children were given money from their grandparents to spend on our holiday in December but his was not in his wallet, when questioned he said he had lost it. His older brother came across a number of notes that had been stucked together with sticky tape and hidden behind some books. He brought it to me as he thought it probably belonged to his younger brother. When I asked him about it, he finally admitted that he has stolen $35 from some money I had left on a shelf.

I realise that he doesn't completely understand the full value of the sum of money he has taken but he does know he shouldn't have taken it. They are given the opportunity to earn pocket money if they have something special that they would like to save up for and I will provide the other half (depending on the value and what it is they wish to spend their money on). I suspect that he wanted to purchase something that I have said is a lot of money and he knew it would take a while to save for.

Obviously I want him to understand that stealing is wrong and that it is completely unacceptable but I am not sure of the best way to convey the message. How would you go about it?