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Just wondering at what age you should start using "products" on girls faces, such as a gently cleanser? My 7 year old DD has a couple of big blackheads on her nose, which I'm assuming is simply because her dad forgets to wash her face during their nightly shower! But it got me wondering, do you just use water and a facewasher on your kids faces? Or something else? What age would you/did you start?
maybe use qv or something gentle even maybe "simple" or other sensitive face cleansing wipes- quick and easy probably cetaphil, qv or something similar on a washer would be good as the washer would help with the blackheads

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My dd1 is 9 1/2 and my twin dd's are 8.
My girls have been using my cleanser and my moisturizers. I have Very Sensitive skin so my products are very gentle. I'd started to notice that their skin was drying out a bit so have started reminding them to put sunscreen on in the mornings and then we cleanse at night and moisturize.
My girls love to put on a bit of makeup when we go out too so I just make sure when they do that they cleanse and moisturize well after.

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Thanks ladies. I think I just need to remind DH that it must be washed in their shower EVERY night ..... you'd think after 7 years he'd have gotten the message!!
I would say not until around age 12. Using products on the skin prematurely can interfere with the delicate balance of oils on the skin, which could dry out the skin and cause more irritation and blackheads. My oldest daughter is 10 and has a few blackheads on her nose. I just get her to wash her face with water for now, as her skin is beautiful otherwise.

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My dd started using stuff in her teens. If you are not sure go to the chemist and ask for some advice.

Hey, I use skinue cosmetics. They have wide range of skincare products made of camel's milk. As we all know that camel's milk moisturizes skin instead of drying it out and also it is made up of anti-inflammatory antibodies which prevents our skin from any irritation or skin problem.
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