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Girl Guides or Scouts? Rss

So just wondering about these for my girls. DD1 will be 5 this year.

I remember doing brownies as a kid and loving it.

But I like the co-ed concept of scouts.

Hi my son does scouts and really enjoys it. I did brownies and guides myself as a kid but agree I think the coed part of it is good. In our town we don't have guides so it kind of makes the choice easy, there's only the cubs/scouts. There are still more boys than girls, but the girls that do go are kinda cool I think - very capable! And there's both male and female leaders, plus all the parent helpers. Your local scout group should allow your daughter to go along a few times to see how she likes it before you decide if you commit and buy uniforms etc.
Its really hard choosing for my kids. Sport or music or dance or gym or girl guides.
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