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Ideas for 7 y.o. girl birthday please Rss

I always like to do the kids birthdays at home. I rationalise it that then they can invite more kids due to keeping costs down, but I think really it's just cause I love planning and organising them!

I'm after party ideas / themes for a 7 year old girl. Don't think any idea is too big or small as I can always alter it to suit us. Thanks smile
At my Dd's last birthday I gave the kids a clue and told them they had to find their loot bag.... bit by bit. When they figured out the first place they found the bags and another clue . All up I think I had 8-9 things to find. They had a ball finding them and then making up their own loot bag after. It also meant that I could just do cheap things like balloons and they still thought it was cool.
I also did the same thing at Christmas with my DJ's family because there are 7 kids all up. They got Christmas stuff decorations, Christmas hats etc.
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Ooooh, like a treasure hunt, I like that idea!
I do love the sound of a garden party, but as her birthday is in September it is often cold weather - 2 years ago it was bucketing down!
Pink Party smile Everything pink of course any favorite colour would work. Pink invites, pink cake - a dolly varden cake smile, marshmallows, pink sprinkles on fairy bread, strawberry milk. Everyone wears something pink. Pink ballons etc

Pink pass the parcel
Pink objects/lollies for treasure hut
Musical chairs put use pink cardboard shapes instead
How about a pyjama party?

You could hold it in the early night say 5-8pm & have pizza then popcorn & movies smile I can't wait to do that for my DD when she's a bit older.

Or a disco party, check out "Bop til you drop" my DD went to one of those recently also held in the evening & the kids had a blast.
Love the ideas ladies, keep em coming!!
does she have a favourite tv show/movie/book character? DD1's parties have always been based around an interest of hers for that year so her 3rd birthday was Care Bears, 4th was Minnie Mouse, 5th was Strawberry Shortcake and her 6th will be Disney Princesses. (1st and 2nd birthdays were both Winnie the Pooh but they were my pick smile ).

Alternatively, does she have a favourite hobby you could turn into a party theme e.g. dance so you have a mini disco or cooking so you do a mini 'masterchef' style party where they're given basic ingredients and create their own party foods (minimising cooking) etc?

If you go for a theme based on something she likes you could have a go at making decorations that then become hangings in her room for the year. I did these for DS's birthday last year and also Strawberry Shortcake ones for DD1's birthday last year.

I just buy canvases from the local cheap shops, paint them a block of colour then trace a picture from a colouring book/off the net and transfer it to the canvas. Then I paint the picture and do blacklines to give the definition. They work really well as decorations and are surprisingly easy to make.

For themed table cloths I get a plain plastic tablecloth (the $1/$2 ones) and a few packets of appropriate stickers from a local cheap shop and stick the stickers all over the tablecloth. The really cool thing is the stickers tend to come off the tablecloth reasonably well after the party and then they use them for craft smile. Like this -

My daughter just had a Nemo themed party. We did nemo cake and lolly bags (all home made), a attempted a piniata, played pass the parcel, musical chairs and baloon pop, and we had our jumping castle up in the back yard.
Her friends loved it, so did she.
I kept it simple, just the plain old party food and games and let the kids play in between. Was fun smile

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