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I never thought I would ever say this.......... Rss

My dh has been away for the last 2 weeks in Auckland visiting his sick mum who has been getting treated for cancer. I had my 17yr old dd move in with me to help me out. She had only moved out of home a few months ago.

On her own she wasn't too bad. The first night her & I watched a dvd together. It was great. She was only here on her own for 2 more nights. The second time she went to her room and was on her computer whilst I sat in loungeroom. Last night she came home, had dinner then went to bed.

Every other night she had her boyfriend here or was out on a few occassions socialising. When her boyfriend was here the noise they would make was over the top. I would repeately ask them to be quiet as ds was sleeping. But they couldn't for the life of them. They would have computers up loud with shows on them watching in her room. Laughing & yelling.

They never once helped me clean up any dinner dishes. I didn't cook all the time but still. I only asked her once to mind ds whilst I lay down for a few minutes with a migraine & she only lasted half an hour before screaming at ds & kicking him out of her room.

I cant stand her boyfriend at all. He is rude & arrogant. He is in your face. Complains about everything. I honestly don't know how she puts up with him.

I am just so glad she is now gone. What the hell is wrong with me. :^((


Thanks everyone for your advice. I thought there was seriously something wrong with me mentally with the way I was feeling. I am glad dh is back but it seems more stressful now that he is back. Without dh it seemed more smoother sailing here at home. Things were more organised. No nagging dh. Whole bed to myself. It was great. :^))

The only thing I can say about teenagers is they really really test your limits. But in saying that so do young kids & babies.

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